The Van Ausdall & Farrar team has over 25 years of experience in providing Information Technology (IT), project deployment and migration services management to Indiana-based enterprises. As one of the fastest-growing service segments in our portfolio, our premium IT experience leverages partnerships with best-of-class industry vendors and manufacturers, offering extensive technical knowledge plus more top shelf products and services than most have today. In addition, our tools provide visibility into your network to limit, secure and prevent costly downtime.

Our engineers are experts in three distinct disciplines:

  1. Front Office – supplemental it support for managing desktops, laptops and mobility, along with their applications and connected devices such as scanners and printers.
  2. Back Office – supplemental services for managing server room operations and technologies including network infrastructure, firewalls and switches, servers, email systems, database servers, availability/recovery operations such as redundant power and backups and deployment of new systems.
  3. Office in the Cloud – leading the Van Ausdall & Farrar Data Center that serves you as well as other cloud based services.

Proactive IT Managed Services Keeps You Prepared

With our Proactive Supplemental IT Services approach, we serve you with a preventative methodology that includes best practices, state-of-the-art system monitoring and effective patch management. Essentially, we stay “in-touch” with the health of your IT solution system by diagnosing potential failures and fixing them immediately, focusing on business continuity with minimal interruption to keep your business stronger and more competitive. In other words, our engineering team will address the general needs of your staff, regress through the administrative checklist, provide networking patch management and complete additional weekly or monthly processes as assigned.

The Heart of Proactive IT Managed Services

  • Remote Monitoring & Remediation – Our agent-less remote monitoring software sits on a computer within your network and notifies us the instant that a health problem is detected on one of your business systems. Concerns like failing server hard drives, incomplete data backups, outdated system patches, power outages and crashed services, such as email and database services, can be instantly detected and fixed remotely where possible.
  • IT Asset Management – We perform accurate and detailed discovery and tracking of all network devices and applications with persistent state management, maintaining device upgrade plans and locating available equipment.
  • Consultation/Review – We report fully on progress and complete structured IT assessments, where necessary, to ensure your operation is as successful as possible.
  • Project Deployment – We access the age and viability of your existing systems and recommend next generation solutions if required. We can coordinate relocation, close-out and setup of your systems at a new facility. We deploy complete hardware and software solutions for companies that can address every facet of the IT infrastructure.

Information Technology Areas of Expertise 

  • Best in Class Partners – including Microsoft Silver Certification, Cisco, partnerships with VMWare and Hewlett-Packard, specialist partnership with Symantec and certified partnership with Barracuda Networks.
  • Business Continuity & Compliance – We strive to make your systems secure and highly available.
  • Cloud Services – We work with you to develop a custom road map for cloud services that improve business continuity, provide additional security and reduce costs.
  • Project Development – Including services for the Broadcasting, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation industries as well as K-12 + Higher Education and Government.

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