The workplace was historically composed of physical office space with employees working in a shared office environment.  People communicated via phone, email, and in person during set office hours based on the location and time zone. More often than not, companies have deployed “point solutions” for phone, email, chat, videoconferencing and collaboration.  Meaning, disparate solutions and separate administration and management of each communications medium. 

The end result? Many of us were using 3, 4, 5 and maybe even 6 different applications to communicate.  The training and administration overhead alone with supporting all these applications is staggering, let alone the subscription and support costs associated with these “point solutions.”  Plus, are you really maximizing the productivity of your most valuable resource, people, by using all these disparate applications? 

Today’s workforce often works remotely, or even in a home office environment, requiring flexible and simple to use communication applications.  Very few of us have the time to learn six different applications to communicate with team members and clients.  Plus, our remote workers require these applications to work seamlessly with both PC’s and mobile devices. 

Enter the next generation of Unified Communications. 

The overriding benefit of next generation unified communications is using one application to make voice calls, chat, email, video conference and collaboration; from any device! The end result is dramatic increases in productivity with your staff and massive decreases in total cost of ownership.    Digital workplace strategies with improved collaboration and communication across the workforce is more important than ever.  This next generation of unified communication delivers on the promise of true, unified communications. 

Van Ausdall & Farrar understands this generational shift, and helps businesses simplify their communications platform to increase productivity and dramatically reduce operating costs.