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Although our education institutions are tasked with teaching and developing our country’s brightest minds, we’ve found that many educational facilities are still in the dark ages when it comes to technology. Outdated business technology can lead to children being lost in this competitive environment. Or, at least never having the opportunity to reach one’s full potential. It’s a global, competitive marketplace now. It’s more important than ever that our youth are well-educated and prepared to resolve and overcome the great hurdles of the 21st century.

When you work with the professional business technology providers at Van Ausdall & Farrar, we can provide the newest technology – including solutions for information management, print, communication, and business processes – to streamline your school or university’s technology to securely, reliably and cost effectively improve student outcomes. Contact Van Ausdall & Farrar to learn more about the solutions we can offer your educational facility.

Solutions for the Education Sector

Van Ausdall & Farrar can develop a tailored business solution for all types of educational institutions, including public and private schools. Some of our offerings include:

Information Solutions

Schools and universities deal with a ton of information on a daily basis. Finding an effective information management solution is key to creating, managing, and delivering data from beginning to end. The experts at Van Ausdall & Farrar have developed and implemented many successful information management strategies for educational facilities across Indiana.

One of the best ways to improve information is with a cloud-based solution. The cloud allows businesses and schools to effectively store information and place technology around your data. It also gives employees a way to safely access data – including applications, emails, and files – from anywhere in the world. Having Van Ausdall & Farrar implement cloud solutions for your educational facility will increase storage space, improve business continuity and save time and money. Our information management solutions include:

Concerned about ransomware and all the other nefarious cyber attacks taking place in our world today? Our VAF security specialists can help. In fact, we hold the coveted Certified Information Systems and Security (CISSP) certification, among many other advanced cybersecurity certifications with our top flight partners, including:

Print Solutions

We’ve worked with a number of school districts across the state of Indiana which were looking for a more streamlined and cost-effective solution to their printing process. Noblesville (IN) Schools, for example, had too many print leases and vendors, so they came to us to find a way to simplify contracts and lower costs. Van Ausdall & Farrar eliminated unnecessary equipment and processes and brought in lower cost, better quality printers. We also implemented Copy/Print Management and Print Application to restructure all printing and copy systems that were currently in place. The result: the new system helped reduce Noblesville Schools’ spending by over 50% on printing services.

This is just one example of how Van Ausdall & Farrar can assist your school district. Van Ausdall & Farrar provides a full range of digital printing solutions to increase efficiencies while saving your school money.

Print Solutions from VAF Include:

Communication Solutions

As we’ve recently learned, as educational environments continue to change, so must communication methods and solutions. Effective communication solutions with students, parents and guardians have become an absolute necessity.

To ensure that your organization has the best communication methods and solutions possible, get in touch with VAF. Since 1984, we have deployed over 5000 communication systems across the country. Our communication solutions include:

Being an MiExclusive Gold Partner with Mitel, VAF offers the very best pricing available to all K-12 and publicly funded schools through the Sourcewell Co-Op program, which is free to the client and offers a 40% discount on all Mitel products. Best of all, membership is free! Please contact Van Ausdall & Farrar to learn how the Sourcewell purchase program can go to work for your school!

VAF currently supports some of the largest K-12 school corporations in the state of Indiana, along with some of the most well-respected colleges and universities in the state.

Process Solutions

Educational institutions are in charge of storing and organizing a lot of information. Van Ausdall & Farrar offers tailored solutions to help your institution efficiently and effectively manage this data. We’ll identify current problems and offer solutions to execute strategic informational process planning.

K-12 school districts and higher educational institutions of all sizes are discovering how digital transformation saves on paper, file cabinets, and physical space and frees educators from the continuous processing, filing, and searching of documents that reside outside their student information systems and other line of business software applications.

Van Ausdall & Farrar can provide on-site or off-site managed services to support all aspects of document management and digitization from printing, mailing, scanning, indexing, to a fully digital workflow of your highly critical business processes.

Business process solutions from VAF include:

Read the following case studies to learn some of the ways Van Ausdall & Farrar’s has helped Indiana schools:

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Van Ausdall & Farrar has been on the cutting edge of business technology solutions since we were founded in 1914 as a distributor for the Thomas Edison Company. Over the decades, we’ve grown into the largest full-service business technology provider for several industries, including the educational sector. Our professionals are expertly trained in eliminating waste and creating a technology improvement roadmap that will grow and improve your company for years to come.

Reliable Solutions

The team of professionals at Van Ausdall & Farrar has the expertise to improve your business’ efficiency through a variety of means, whether it’s information, print, communication, or business process solutions. Through hard work and a customer-focused approach, we’ve grown into one of the most trusted business technology companies in the Midwest. Contact us today to see how we can help your educational institution grow and thrive.


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