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Van Ausdall & Farrar’s Partnership With Fortinet

Van Ausdall & Farrar is proud to be the go-to partner of Fortinet in Indiana. Fortinet was recently named a leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SD-WAN Infrastructure and placed highest in ability to execute. Our partnership with Fortinet allows us to provide our customers with the best solutions in the industry.


We’re investing in our clients

Van Ausdall & Farrar is excited to announce that we are investing in our clients’ success by upgrading to a new SaaS application called Predictive Insight (Data Collective Agent) to better service our customers’ print fleet. The Predictive Insights platform will replace FM Audit (Data Collection Agent), which we have used for the past 10 years.

Predictive Insight enhances our ability to offer improved and more reliable service for our customers’ print needs, including service, toner and supplies which are paramount to the continued success of our clients. We will be rolling out Predictive Insight to replace FM Audit over the next 90-120 days.

Van Ausdall & Farrar is committed to creating a great client experience in every engagement. To that end, we continue to evaluate services and partnership that allow us to evolve our services delivery model and improve the overall experience.

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IT technology has undergone a transformative period where we have seen great advances in speed, productivity, and collaboration. These trends continue, but it is very clear that these advances have also spawned the proliferation of cybercrime. Threat Actors are no longer individual rebels making a statement, they are organized crime corporations utilizing everything within their power to extort billions from honest businesses and their customers. VanAusdall & Farrar IT Managed Services has always focused on making sure IT is seamless for our customer needs. IT Security has quickly moved to the front of the pack of IT concerns. VanAusdall & Farrar has been innovating to serve our customers for over a hundred years. Time for new ways to manage not only your day-day IT needs, but IT Security as well.

Introducing Vsecure IT Services

Vsecure is a new way of VanAusdall and Farrar to offer IT services, all of which have a focus on security. All base managed user and server support plans include a Sophos Intercept X with XDR. This provides advanced user and server protection with the ability to retrieve detailed forensics if something is questionable. These plans also include proactive monitoring, and software patching and updating. As more companies invest in cyber insurance, the need for XDR/EDR and patching and monitoring is quickly becoming a minimal requirement. Vsecure does not stop there. IT includes many programs that address cyber-security at every level, depending on customer need/exposure. Vsecure leverages products and services from our trusted partners Fortinet, and Sophos. Our Fortinet Co-Managed plans will cover any security need, and provide experts to help keep you secure.

At Van Ausdall & Farrar, our innovation experts improve your business efficiency by eliminating technology you don’t need, optimizing what you have, and creating a technology improvement roadmap that grows with you. And it all starts with our signature Technology Strength AssessmentTM.

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Van Ausdall & Farrar helps organizations deploy successful information management strategies. We partner with you to understand how you use information today from inception to completion and effectively manage information lifecycles.

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Print technology has evolved, requiring printers to capture and store data, be accessible anywhere, and increase overall print efficiencies. At Van Ausdall & Farrar, we partner with top hardware companies to provide the best in-house print solutions possible.

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Managing today’s problems with outdated technology processes can be a daunting task. At Van Ausdall, we use proven methodologies to understand your business profile, and deliver solutions that create stronger stystems throughout your organization.

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From our humble beginnings as a distributor for the Thomas Edison Company in 1914, Van Ausdall & Farrar has grown to become the State’s largest full-service business technology provider for healthcare, insurance, engineering & construction, state & local government, manufacturing & logistics, and real estate companies in Indiana and throughout the Midwest.

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