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At Van Ausdall & Farrar, our innovation experts improve your business efficiency by eliminating technology you don’t need, optimizing what you have, and creating a technology improvement roadmap that grows with you. And it all starts with our signature Technology Strength AssessmentTM.


Lease or Buy? Which Solution Is the Best Fit for Your Company’s Print Needs?

Owning and managing physical and digital assets – like real estate, vehicles, hardware, software, and content – is no longer always the best option. We've basically moved into a subscription-based “as a service” economy, with many of our assets and activities linked to the cloud, including print solutions.

Van Ausdall & Farrar Attends Mitel Top 40 Summit

During the jam-packed 3-day event, Mitel leadership outlined Mitel’s road map and strategic vision. Mitel leadership that addressed the leading partners in North America included Mary McDowell, CEO of Mitel, along with Executive Vice Presidents Bob Agnes, Daniel Farrar and Graham Bevington.

Tips for Preparing Your Content for a New Enterprise Content Management System

The benefits of an enterprise content management (ECM) solution include improved control of corporate data, greater protection of proprietary information, as well as making business data actionable. An effective ECM strategy will help reduce expenses by improving efficiency and productivity throughout your operations.


Van Ausdall & Farrar helps organizations deploy successful information management strategies. We partner with you to understand how you use information today from inception to completion and effectively manage information lifecycles.


Print technology has evolved, requiring printers to capture and store data, be accessible anywhere, and increase overall print efficiencies. At Van Ausdall & Farrar, we partner with top hardware companies to provide the best in-house print solutions possible.


Today’s global workforce is increasingly remote, requiring strategically creative communication solutions. This shift requires significant creativity in communication management and a new generation of communication solutions.


Managing today’s problems with outdated technology processes can be a daunting task. At Van Ausdall, we use proven methodologies to understand your business profile, and deliver solutions that create stronger stystems throughout your organization.


From our humble beginnings as a distributor for the Thomas Edison Company in 1914, Van Ausdall & Farrar has grown to become the State’s largest full-service business technology provider for healthcare, insurance, engineering & construction, state & local government, manufacturing & logistics, and real estate companies in Indiana and throughout the Midwest.


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