Process Management


Managing the overall process flow throughout a company can be a daunting task. Most companies try to manage and solve modern-day problems with dated technology solutions. Unfortunately, those efforts are often unsuccessful if the right partnerships are not in place to truly help businesses stay competitive through precision, speed, and technology.

Van Ausdall & Farrar collaborates with businesses and organizations to efficiently manage the daily flow of data throughout your company. Our proven methodology enables us to understand your business profile and deliver a customized process that will help drive stronger processes throughout your organization.

We customize our processes to your needs, and we work on or offsite depending on what is best for your team. We help you work through current backlogs, identify solutions, and execute strategic informational process planning.

Business Process Management Solutions

VAF offers a full range of process solutions, including:

Business Process Solutions

VAF can build a tailored business process solution to help your company drive technological innovation, create cost-control efficiencies, and process improvements to improve overall business performance. All of our business process improvement solutions can be outsourced onsite or offsite, whichever is best for your company.

Some of our business process solutions areas of expertise include:

Document Conversion

Many benefits can be gained when companies choose to go from paper to digital, but the process of doing so can be difficult. Many companies become overwhelmed with everything that goes into document conversion. VAF has the latest technology and strategic initiatives to seamlessly convert your documents to digital formats. Some of the benefits of a digital transformation include:

Backfile Scanning and Indexing. VAF has the latest Opex scanning systems and industry-leading intelligence capture software to ensure your documents are handled securely.

Day-Forward Business Process Outsourcing. We can process your day-forward documents via a secure lock-box/BPO arrangement, or we can provide your company with the staffing, equipment and hardware to support your critical business areas onsite.

Secure Document Destruction. After your files are scanned and signed off by Van Ausdall & Farrar’s chain of custody, files are destroyed safely and securely at our headquarters.

Content Management Solutions

When you partner with Van Ausdall & Farrar, we’ll take the time to understand your content management solution needs, challenges, and areas of opportunity. We can then build a custom business process solution to help improve processes, increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve technological innovation. We will help drive enterprise-wide success in the following key business objectives: security, compliance and automation.

Facilities Management Solutions

It can be difficult for some companies to effectively manage day-to-day office functions while staying focused on the company’s key objectives and organizational priorities. If your company is struggling to keep up with critical business processes, contact VAF to handle processes such as scanning, printing, mail processing, and imaging. VAF will stay on top of the latest facilities management processes and technologies to ensure your business is covered.

Print Fulfillment Solutions

Most companies today don’t have all of the necessary technology and specific equipment to perform every print job efficiently. VAF offers high-end print fulfillment solutions using the latest print technology. VAF can perform your company’s printing capabilities at a fraction of the cost compared to quick printers and retail copy shops. Our print fulfillment services include digital printing and mailing; posters, banners, and wide-format drawings; laminating, binding, and finishing; and legal document expertise.

Voice Processing Solutions

Van Ausdall & Farrar has a history of voice processing, digital dictation, and speech recognition that dates back more than 100 years. Our voice processing solutions include SpeechMotion, dictation, voice recognition, court recording, voice capture, and voice workflow.

Contact VAF to Improve Your Business Operations

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