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The cloud, simply put, is the place where most technology services live. It’s the place where your information is stored. It’s the software you use. It houses the security measures you place around your data. The cloud provides the backbone for everything we do and how we use information today.

Cloud solutions are being increasingly embraced by companies to help their employees be more productive because they can access data from anywhere, including email, files, applications, e-commerce… even voicemail and contact information. Companies who purpose to use the cloud find themselves at an advantage over their competitors who are still using in-house servers on which to store their data. Cloud solutions are easier to manage, easier to access, and less expensive than in-house technology is to update, upgrade, and maintain.

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Our Data Center

Our data center, which houses the main storage and host servers, is rated Class V, meeting hardened data center requirements. It is able to sustain 200 MPH winds and is protected by both a primary and secondary distributed UPS system, as well as a backup generator. The center is served by five Internet carriers, offering redundancy and the ability to meet any and all bandwidth requirements.

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