When Healthcare Professionals Go Mobile

December 19th, 2016 by Guillermo Fernandez

Imagine having secure access to complete patient records anywhere, anytime.

As a busy healthcare professional, what if…

  • You could access more complete patient information from your mobile device
  • You could capture images, signatures and patient data in a secure mobile environment
  • You could make more informed decisions and diagnoses supported by mobile applications

OnBase Mobile Solutions

Van Ausdall & Farrar can provide your clinicians and staff secure access to a more complete patient record, anywhere, anytime with OnBase Mobile Solutions, a new program to extend the functionality of OnBase to smart phones and tablets.

Using the OnBase mobile app, clinicians and physicians can view all materials related to a patient directly from their mobile devices. Technically speaking, the app works with your EMR to provide instant access to a list of documents associated with a specific patient record.

The content is searchable and sorted by document type, so physicians can easily find the information they are looking for – whether that is a consent form, lab result, pathology image or other relevant piece of information regarding the patient and their health. Mobile barcode capabilities also make patient information easy to retrieve simply by scanning the patient ID.

Capture Relevant Patient Info On the Go

In addition to information retrieval, clinicians and physicians can capture images, videos, signatures and other important information at the point of care, using the OnBase mobile app – which enters the data directly in OnBase. Photos of wounds or affected areas instantly attach to the appropriate patient record. From their mobile device, they can also note details about the assessed area – indicating everything to which extremity is under review to whether cancer is suspected.

This is especially useful in an emergency room situation where there is no time to grab an external camera, or in a situation where the progression of a patient’s condition must be monitored over time. Since no information or images save to the device, the OnBase mobile app also eases any security concerns associated with the use of personal mobile devices.

Make More Informed Care Decisions

With the ability to view all OnBase content that supports the patient record directly from the OnBase mobile app, clinicians and physicians have all the current, relevant information to inform more accurate diagnoses.

  • OnBase gives users mobile access to the complete patient record from virtually anywhere, supporting accurate, well-informed decision making – even when on call or on the road.
  • By extending OnBase to a mobile environment, users create a more accurate and complete patient record while on the go – resulting in better treatment, a higher quality of care and a more satisfying end-user experience.
  • With the OnBase mobile app, you can retrieve information stored within OnBase, such as images, EKGs, test results and other relevant documents. Clinicians and staff can fill out electronic forms, capture signatures and upload new photos and videos directly in OnBase, immediately associating them with the correct patient record in the EMR.

Key Features of OnBase Mobile App

Native apps for Microsoft Windows®, Apple® iOS and Android platforms, which make it easy to leverage the power of integrated cameras, voice recognition, pen and touch. Supports all major industry standards. Meets HL7, CCOW and CCD; complies with HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 and integrates with all major EHR systems.

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