Switching Your Business from Print to Digital in 2022 with Document Conversion Services

June 22nd, 2022 by Van Ausdall & Farrar

From typewriters to laptops, and from cash to credit, the world is evolving into a paperless place, and who can blame it? For more than the last century, businesses have trusted their most valuable information on paper.

However, in 2022, paper is less than optimal for businesses. Access to information is slowed, nothing is searchable, and you could lose all of your documents in a fire or natural disaster. The point being: if you’re still utilizing paper for your documents, you’re falling behind on the times.

Luckily, Van Ausdall & Farrar has noticed these trends and taken on the role as the premier document conversion company in Indiana and offers businesses a chance to flourish with new technologies. Document conversion services have risen in popularity and functionally, giving businesses who are stuck in the past a way to catch up on the times and quickly reap the benefits of document conversion services.

What Exactly Is Document Conversion?

The process of document conversion can be defined as converting paper documents into searchable digital files that live online or on a server. It is more than just having backup copies of documents online, but enabling a company to streamline its organizational and storage processes.

Advantages of Document Conversion

The advantages that a business gains when it starts working with a document conversion company are invaluable. From increasing productivity to simply freeing up office space, your company gains an edge on the competition as soon as the conversion is complete.

Some of our client’s favorite benefits from document conversion include:


    If all of your important files and documents are stuck in a filing cabinet or lost in a back room, how would you expect remote workers to have access? As the workforce pushes more and more into a remote or hybrid setting, things desperately need to change. By utilizing a document conversion solution, you are setting up your business for success in the future. Keep in mind that if your company isn’t taking advantage of document conversion, someone else is and you are falling behind.


    The year is 2022, and the term “hybrid workplace” has never been more prevalent. Companies all over the world are turning over a new leaf when it comes to physical office space as the prices go up. Dedicating square footage, or even an entire room, to the storage of paper documents simply does not make fiscal sense anymore. Having your documents converted into digital copies awards you the benefit of saving that space and being able to better utilize it for something more practical.


    While the thought of converting all of your business’ documents into a digital format can seem overwhelming, with VAF on your side, it’s not. We combine cutting-edge software and hardware with a proven process to quickly and efficiently take care of your business documents. Following the document conversion process, you will be able to search and manage your records with a speed and precision you would’ve never thought possible.

Document Conversion Services from VAF

While there are multiple companies that perform document conversion, none do it on the level of VAF. As Indiana’s premier document conversion company for businesses, we offer unparalleled services that set us apart from the competition.

Our exclusive features and amazing customer service set us head and shoulder above the competition. Giving businesses the opportunity to grow at a rate faster than they ever believed was possible.

The features we offer include:

  • HighTech Equipment
  • Day-Forward Business Process Outsourcing
  • Secure Document Destruction
  • Dedicated Document Conversion Center in HQ
  • Backfile Scanning and Indexing

Between our highly trained staff and equipment, we have the processing power for millions of images per month with extreme quality control in place for all of your organizational and security needs.

Why Choose VAF?

VAF works with some of the best and brightest companies in Indiana, which means that we only work with the best equipment, software, and employees possible. We combine our assets with our expertise to create an unbeatable combination that has been helping businesses grow exponentially for years.

Making the switch from documents to digital can seem overwhelming; let us help your business grow!

Contact VAF Today for Document Conversion Services

If you believe that your business is ready to make the leap into the 21st century, and take advantage of our services and contact us today!

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