Document Conversion Solutions

There are many reasons companies decide to go from paper to digital; regulatory compliance, space issues, financial reasons, their documents are at risk of loss through potential fire or water damage, and inability to find important documents because they literally cannot be searched.  Yet, companies trying to move away from hard documents to digital are often overwhelmed by all that needs to be done to convert them.  VAF can help…

Document Conversion Solutions Benefits:

  1. GAIN MORE PHYSICAL SPACE – The costs for physical office space is growing at a rapid pace. Storing critical business records in a locked room can be a very costly endeavor combined with the fact that the security and access to these records are severely limited.
  2. SEARCHABILITY, RECORDS MANAGEMENT, AND RETENTION – Having records scanned, indexed, and made searchable (OCR) does not need to be a daunting project with VAF. VAF has significant hardware, software, and human resources to make short work of your critical business records, giving you the ability to search and manage the records from a retention standpoint.
  3. ENABLING THE HYBRID REMOTE WORKFORCE – Having critical business records locked away in a file room makes it impossible for remote or hybrid employees to do their jobs. Having access to these records in a secure and searchable form is more affordable with VAF.

Services Include:

  • Backfile Scanning and Indexing
  • Day-Forward Business Process Outsourcing
  • Secure Document Destruction