Document Conversion Solutions

There are many reasons companies decide to go from printed documents to digital; regulatory compliance, space issues, financial reasons, their documents are at risk of loss through potential fire or water damage, and inability to find important documents because they literally cannot be searched.  Yet, companies trying to move away from hard documents to digital are often overwhelmed by all that needs to be done to convert them.  They don’t know where to begin and with what.

Document Conversion Solutions Benefits:

  1. GAIN MORE PHYSICAL SPACE – When documents are taken from physical files or boxes and moved to digital, companies literally gain tons of physical space they can repurpose.
  2. EVERYTHING CAN BE SEARCHED – Search easily and quickly when it’s digital.
  3. DOCUMENTATION FACILITATION – Every document is tagged and processed securely and safely using intelligent capture software that automatically categorizes the documents and extracts the data. A spreadsheet and manifest shows everything on hand and helps determine what can be destroyed.

Services Include:

  • Backfile
  • On Demand Scanning
  • Document Destruction