Speech Recognition Solutions for Health Professionals Improve Patient Care

January 10th, 2017 by Greg Moheban

Why are healthcare professionals adopting speech recognition technologies at a much faster growth rate than in the past?

Speech recognition has been around for many years, yet right now, the hospital IT market is really taking notice. Why? Many healthcare experts point to the following:

  • rise in electronic medical record (EMR) keeping, which requires physicians to perform their own data entry and takes away face time with patients
  • trend toward data-driven healthcare forces changes in clinical documentation such as the use of point-and-click templates
  • increased physician dissatisfaction due to workflow disruptions
  • time spent documenting information and software usability

The quality of patient care benefits greatly from detailed physician notes documented in a rich, narrative manner and describe patient histories, assessments, diagnoses, treatment options and overall patient analysis. Structured templates do little to allow this type of note-taking without a loss of information.

However, documentation adds 30 minutes to one hour for every hour spent on patient care, says the American Hospital Association. Intelligent dictation, speech recognition and workflow capabilities can reduce the time spent manually composing and distributing documentation, shortening turnaround time and increasing time spent with patients.

Speech Recognition & Advanced Dictation Management Technology

With speech productivity solutions like speech recognition and advanced dictation, physicians use their voices to thoroughly document a patient story faster and in a more natural manner. Furthermore, the data this generates can be captured and distributed to EMRs or other healthcare information systems for further reporting, which enhances clinical documentation in the medical records.

Latest Advances in Speech Recognition & Dictation Technology

  • User-friendly interface lets physicians dictate narratives and other documentation faster by using voice commands via speech recognition
  • Integration with EMRs and other health information systems speeds and improves the documentation process while reducing data errors
  • Empowers healthcare organizations to manage documentation in a secure central location, and use automated, intelligent workflows for data handling
  • Lowers operational cost, improves document turnaround times and enhances patient care
  • digital dictation

Van Ausdall & Farrar and Winscribe for Healthcare

Winscribe’s speech productivity and medical documentation solutions from Van Ausdall & Farrar offer mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and medical documentation workflow management solutions that help healthcare professionals in all areas of patient care to produce documentation faster and more accurately, while protecting the security of sensitive patient information cost effectively. What’s more, Winscribe’s security features help ensure sensitive patient information is not compromised, data access and document modifications are tracked, and HIPAA compliancy is met. Winscribe for Healthcare solutions include:

  • Dictation Workflow Management
  • Mobile Digital Dictation
  • Speech Recognition
  • Medical Documentation Management

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