ShoreTel Connect Cloud Is More than Just a “Phone System”

July 18th, 2016 by Trent Smith

ShoreTel brings a fundamentally different approach to phone system technology. We focus on your most important assets—your people and their goals—and remove impediments to free flowing communications so your team can focus on relationships, ideas and growth, not on getting technology to work.

A hybrid communications system can simplify maintaining a full-featured communications and collaboration environment. With a hybrid system, you get the control and performance of an onsite system with the flexibility, scalability and features that come with a cloud-based service.

Here Are Some Benefits of a Hybrid Environment

  • Leverage Current Infrastructure

    A hybrid system uses your current onsite communications system, with new functionality delivered via the cloud. That means you maintain control while exploring the advantages of cloud and get the most out of your investment.

  • Scalability

    Adding new users or features doesn’t necessarily mean adding new hardware or software. With a hybrid system, you have the ability to expand your system via the cloud, giving all users in the environment the same high-quality reliability and user experience. Plus, scalability delivered via the cloud requires no capital expenses.

  • Opportunity to Try the Cloud

    Intrigued by what the cloud can offer but not ready to take the step of moving to an all-cloud solution? No problem. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID gives you the opportunity to try the cloud yet maintain control, as with an on-premises system.

    In a hybrid environment, services delivered via the cloud can be added and removed quickly and easily, giving your company the ability to explore services to ensure a perfect fit. Add collaboration and productivity tools without adding to your capital expense budget—with a hybrid environment, you pay only for what you need and on a subscription basis, like any other cloud-based service.

  • Enable Productivity Anywhere

    A hybrid solution gives your users access to the same functionality, whether their branch location is served by a cloud system or has equipment onsite. Provisioning new or additional services is done via the cloud and is as easy as granting permission to users.

  • A Clear Migration Path

    A hybrid system can help pave the way to an eventual all-cloud solution—particularly for companies whose workforce is increasingly mobile. And as more of your communications move to the cloud—and the maintenance of the system to a hosted environment—your IT department can shift its focus to activities that enhance your company’s bottom line.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your communications system’s functionality in a way that’s cost-effective, scalable and flexible, consider a hybrid communications environment. Give your employees the technology they need to stay productive anywhere, anytime, while leveraging your current communications investment.

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