Success, Threat, and Loss “The Drama of Network Communications”

October 10th, 2016 by Kent Lemley

Despite all of our investments in firewalls, universal threat appliances, anti-virus software, somewhere down the road a critical threat may find its way onto your internal network. Since internal network architecture is generally flat and un-secured, threats once inside the internal network can spread rapidly and compromise your entire enterprise.

In the past we have engineered strong threat management on external ingress to your internal network. As technology continues to evolve and hardware capacity increases there are now solutions to protect the internal network with the same strong resilient solutions. Internal Segmentation Firewall, ISFW leverages a advanced line of policy based threat management appliances to segment the internal network into trust zones. This allows for:

  • Control access to critical resources / assets as close as possible to the user via policy-driven segmentation.
  • Establish security barriers to stop and limit the uncontrolled spread of threats and hackers activity within the internal network the implementation of advanced security mechanisms.
  • Limit the potential damage of threats inside the perimeter.
  • Increase threat visibility and enhance breach discovery and mitigation.
  • Strengthen the enterprise’s overall security posture.

Network managers need to evolve into asking the question of “when” instead of “if” we will have a threat on the internal network. ISFW quickly stomps these threats and minimizes exposure to potential cost of their propagation. VanAusdall & Farrar, Inc. partners with Fortinet for this superior architecture.

For a white paper with more information, click here.

Posted in: Communications, Cybersecurity