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April 9th, 2020 by Brian Courtney

Over my 30 year career I have worked in a small office, large corporate office, a branch office, and a home office.

Being a “people person”, I have to say that my preference is being in a busy office working on deals with my team face to face but these are very different times indeed.

Having seamless access to critical business records and processes had always been a challenge when not physically in the office – but not any longer.

The great news is that technology has evolved significantly over those past 30 years. Anyone remember the small “While you were out message slips because there was nothing called Voicemail, or the sound of the Dial-up modem, or beepers yikes?”

Legacy on-prem software solutions are still very popular but subscription based Content management in the cloud has absolutely exploded over the past few years.

Certainly traditional VPN access to network locations and line of business software makes the data accessible but can be a potential security risk, traditionally very expensive with large capital investments in the hardware, and takes valuable IT resources to maintain. Cloud content management has been the answer to these challenges.

Cloud-based Content Management

Cloud based content management makes your day to day business records accessible to you anywhere, from any modern browser for real-time access to critical business information, so you can minimize your employees to public exposure yet remain productive.

Without the need for significant capital investment, the critical IT support required, and potential security risks, a cloud based AP/AR processing, HR on-boarding, or contract management solution might be right for your organization – now more than ever.

A very cost effective on-line repository can be set-up in 24 hours enabling your transition to a work remote program easier by allowing your employees to be just as productive and collaborative with this solution.

Additionally, if you have legacy files locked in a file room today, we can help you there too. Whether it’s a box, a filing cabinet, or room full of files, our Document Conversion Center can scan and upload your records in days, not weeks.

Call us today to learn about numerous promotions we are offering through the end of April 2020.

Please stay safe during these “challenging” days,

Brian Courtney

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