Return to Work Health Screening ESSENTIALS

August 4th, 2020 by Ashlee Colliver

After being closed for months or working remotely you, as business leaders are eager to reopen your business successfully and securely, but the questions are how? Before we can offer a solution on how to securely open your business, we need to decide what your thoughts have been leading up to this point.

How will you screen your employees or customers and visitors? Will you be preforming written screenings with a series of questions and how will you document these screenings? No one wants a mountain of files on their desk with sensitive information of individuals while also trying to follow HIPAA guidelines.

Protecting your business

As business leaders, not only is it important to keep your staff safe and healthy it’s also important to protect their confidential records while also following HIPAA laws. Having a return to work strategy in place before you open is a must. All information that you gather including temperature readings of individuals need to be safeguarded.

Van Ausdall & Farrar’s Solution

Van Ausdall & Farrar’s return to work essentials is a cloud hosted solution that is a completely touchless health screening that will assist in creating a safer workplace for clients, staff and visitors within your facility while also limiting the spread of the virus. This solution will ensure the status of every individuals’ health in just a few simple steps.

By utilizing our solution, these simple steps will; limit exposure to outside threats making your workplace environment safe, protecting you against liability claims, and finally, will securely protect personal information about every individual coming to the office.

Our solution includes the following:

  • Paper free webform for an individual to complete daily health screening virtually
  • Touchless visitor management application
  • Notification and tracking using embedded workflow
  • Touchless application using visitor smartphone with QR code vs. pen and paper
  • Annual Subscription model eliminating capital investment
  • Includes 3 user digital archiving solution for other business functions (AP, HR, student records, Contracts…)
  • HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2 certified cloud storage application
  • Can be incorporated with our touchless temperature kiosk to validate temperatures of visitors, staff.
  • Protect against unwarranted claims through optional liability waiver

As visitors arrive to your office they will be greeted with your choice of a digital or printed QR code display. Once scanned by their personal smart device, a form will appear to collect personal information. For example: name, company, and health related questions regarding quarantine. A liability waiver will also be optional to you which in turn will protect your business against unwarranted claims. Once completed a pass/fail screen will appear approving or denying entry.

This solution will be performed digitally allowing you to free up office space, easier access to data files and comprehensive reporting information, and following in accordance to HIPAA laws. Van Ausdall & Farrar is here to help you and your business on returning to work with the essentials you need for a safe, secure and compliant work environment. We must learn from the hardships of the past few months to proactively plan for the foreseeable future. Call or email us today to help! or 317.634.2913.

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