OnBase by Hyland Receives Department of Defense Certification

February 15th, 2017 by Guillermo Fernandez

Accreditation reinforces our partnership with Hyland and our shared commitment to offer our customers a validated, secure records management solution.

Hyland, creator of the OnBase information platform, recently received the Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 Certification for Records Management to support federal, state and local governments with verified records management solutions.

With this certification, our customers can use OnBase as a validated solution to manage and automate records and comply with strict regulatory mandates by securely supporting the active record lifecycle. OnBase is among the industry’s top records management solutions, with hundreds of organizations, including federal government and healthcare agencies, leveraging its comprehensive capabilities to streamline information from initial document intake and track all activities through final disposition.

Accepted Industry Standard

The DoD 5015.02 certification has become the accepted industry standard for federal government and healthcare organizations as well as commercial industries to evaluate the effectiveness of validated records management solutions that are secure and protect sensitive information while maintaining compliance. Organizations achieve technology modernization goals while meeting high information governance criteria to improve content collaboration within a secure environment.

OnBase by Hyland and Van Ausdall & Farrar, Inc.

By selecting the OnBase by Hyland solution, our customers benefit from OnBase’s 256-bit encryption of data in flight and at rest, encrypted disk groups to protect against internal breaches and audit trails to track data access. In addition, the single enterprise information platform ensures one copy of a record is updated, reducing the risk of maintaining multiple copies.

Van Ausdall & Farrar customers that select OnBase by Hyland invest in capabilities such as enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM) and records management all on a single platform.

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