"I Got a Guy..."

July 15th, 2016 by Jeff Jenney

Too often I meet with clients and when asked how they manage their technology infrastructure and roadmap for the future the response I hear is ‘We have a guy…’ or ‘We have a Managed Service Provider…’ that has been handling their IT Infrastructure for years. When we are able to meet with the client and peel back the onion, we find that our clients are receiving sub-standard service and consultation. So, what does great look like?

In an ideal scenario, companies could put all daily operational duties aside in order to look to the future and develop a strategic plan for delivering breakthrough performance in the coming years. In reality, many operational leaders simply don’t have the time, luxury, or resources to look very far into the future while still maintaining their daily operation. This situation ultimately results in uniform improvement objectives, without consideration for current performance levels and opportunity to improve.

This is where benchmarking can play a vital role by helping companies to focus their limited resources to improve operational performance and identify their greatest opportunities. While measuring your company’s performance in the industry against your peers is important, looking at success stories outside of your trade can also give you valuable organizational tips for improving your operation.

Using benchmark reviews to identify the vital few opportunities, and then systemically addressing them, should be one of the first steps on your journey to operational excellence. Our VAF Circle process can help organizations with technology benchmarking for the present and the future. Our process is lean in concept and provides specific insight into how your company manages its information, data, and communications.

If you need a benchmark assessment to define what great is, please contact Van Ausdall & Farrar! We can help you on your journey to operational excellence.

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