3 Ways to Achieve Enterprise-Grade Collaboration at an SMB Price Point

June 15th, 2016 by Trent Smith

Every business, regardless of size or focus, relies on its communications system. Without a reliable phone system, the critical interaction between employee and customer can’t happen, which means your business won’t grow and thrive.

Just as important is how well your communications system works for your business. Do your employees have advanced call capabilities such as “follow-me” so they can receive calls even when they’re away from their desk? Are they able to collaborate with colleagues and customers at the touch of a button? Can they access customer information during calls to close more sales and enhance the customer service experience?

Your communications system can say a lot about your business. You don’t want to give your customers the wrong impression by having an unreliable, basic phone system. In this day of instant gratification, when customers want answers immediately, simply having voice mail isn’t enough. Small businesses can have enterprise-grade communications and collaboration at an SMB price point. The ShoreTel Connect communications platform a fully integrated, streamlined way to access all the best communications tools… not separate apps and windows with separate log ins.

ShoreTel Connect Includes

  • Voice over IP
  • Video
  • Instant Messaging
  • Web Sharing
  • Audio conferencing

ShoreTel Connect Is Available as an Onsite, Cloud or Hybrid Deployment to Meet Your Company’s Needs

Connect ONSITE: A perfect solution for companies with in-house IT departments that can handle the management of the system and want to integrate other applications, such as customer relationship management or business intelligence applications, with the system. Because the system is in-house, your IT team has more control and can perform upgrades when it’s convenient to your company.

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