About Van Ausdall & Farrar

Otolaryngology Associates

Otolaryngology Associates was ready for a new IT provider. They needed better service and more value from their vendor relationship. They were challenged with transitioning a new vendor without compromising data or hindering patient service. They needed more than an IT company. They needed Van Ausdall & Farrar.

The Company

Otolaryngology Associates (OA) has built their company’s reputation on providing outstanding patient care. As a result, they have 20 doctors in 14 locations throughout Central Indiana. To continue this improvement in service, OA need to continue investing in software and hardware systems to manage and protect the ever increasing health information of their patients. OA needed a partner that could make the information available to physicians and users as needed while still maintaining the high level of security required to maintain compliance with HIPAA and The HITECH Act.

The Objective

Otolaryngology Associates required a partner that already understood the challenges found in the healthcare industry. They didn’t have time to educate a technology partner on the ramifications and importance of data security. At the same time, they sought after a partner that could execute a vision of providing next-generation patient interaction platforms and advanced physician productivity tools. OA wanted more than a traditional IT company. Past challenges of multiple technology vendors created friction and disagreements between companies, resulting in errors and incomplete projects. They needed a partner that could solve all technology challenges.

The Strategy

Van Ausdall & Farrar knew that constant accessibility to information during the transition was required. Van Ausdall first designed a transition program that systematically addressed every aspect of the on-boarding process. Van Ausdall met daily with the out-going vendors to document every piece of technology company wide, and visited every location to inventory assets and introduce themselves to users. The goal was and is to put in place capable people that provide fast, complete and first pass remediation with a smile.

The Results

Otolaryngology Associates has come to value Van Ausdall & Farrar as their guide for technology and trusted partner for support of their internal technology systems.

  1. Van Ausdall’s employees worked seamlessly within OA’s organization and have improved the level of service delivered to users.
  2. Van Ausdall demonstrated valuable healthcare compliance experience and has quickly adopted OA’s platforms. They have also provided valuable leadership with all of OA’s ongoing technology initiatives.

Van Ausdall will continue to work closely with OA to introduce useful and effective solutions in the future.

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