About Van Ausdall & Farrar

City of Bloomington

The City of Bloomington needed to address a data problem within their utility division. Their existing system was paper filing in storage cabinets, and, as a result, organization of homeowner data became increasingly problematic for employees. The utilities division needed a solution fast. And Van Ausdall & Farrar had the answer.

The Company

The City of Bloomington Utilities Division is a busy municipal department in Monroe County, Indiana. This college town with a large transient population had immense challenges processing and logging payments, along with scheduling services and repairs.

The Objective

The City of Bloomington had an antiquated filing process. Everything was in filing cabinets, which meant a loss of information if a file was not returned to the proper place. The city also had a tremendous challenge in managing the numerous rental units across this college town. The process was very outdated, inefficient and hard to maintain.

The city wanted to consider a digital process, but they didn’t know where to begin. That’s why they called Van Ausdall.

The Strategy

After meeting with the city to discuss which solutions would be most helpful, Van Ausdall implemented Hyland OnBase, a robust document management solution designed to make workflow much more efficient. The police and fire stations also implemented Hyland OnBase when they saw how efficient it made the utility department.

Van Ausdall & Farrar also created a customized digital workflow process for residents to make requests for all city-related services. Instead of coming into the office to fill out a form, residents are able to submit requests online, which begins a workflow transaction process.

The Results

Since implementing Van Ausdall & Farrar solutions, the utility department has enjoyed greater efficiencies. In summary:

  1. Requests are made through an online form and data is stored inside a document management system, which allows anyone in the department to follow through with solving customer requests.
  2. Improved response time, reduced data errors, and integrated other lines of business shows the benefit of Van Ausdall’s Enterprise Content Management Solutions.
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