About Van Ausdall & Farrar

City of Anderson

The City of Anderson’s outdated technology was beginning to create challenges for its constituents. Van Ausdall & Farrar was able to help integrate and update existing technology to save money and enhance the services provided to the community.

The Organization

The City of Anderson was founded in 1844 and has grown to over 56,000 residents. Agriculture and Manufacturing have been mainstays in the community and are a primary reason for its growth.

The city is committed to serving the needs of their community and much of their technology had become too antiquated to meet those needs. The city needed to find a trusted partner to help them meet today’s expected service levels, and provide solutions to meet growth demands for the future.

The Objective

Van Ausdall & Farrar has been a preferred vendor for the City of Anderson since 2003. The city’s employees engaged Van Ausdall to discuss some of the technology challenges that local constituents were bringing to their attention. Data security, billing presentation and timelines, as well as purchasing and community stewardship were among the topics brought to the forefront.

The Strategy

The City of Anderson co-authored a scope of work with Van Ausdall to make some significant adjustments to its operations. A priority in Van Ausdall’s Facilities Management (FM) program was to update and develop a sustainable print strategy to meet print/mail security concerns. With onsite, full-time Van Ausdall personnel in place, they focused on implementing a print and billing technology refresh to meet the current and future needs of the community. Postal optimization, 2D bar code document security and future options for use of GIS in communications were implemented and groundwork laid for further future development.

Van Ausdall also streamlined purchasing processes and recovered significant costs, resulting in the city funneling all departmental purchasing through its FM site manager. As an “all-in” partner, Van Ausdall spearheaded community-minded actions such as raising money for local charities on behalf of the city.

The Results

The onsite updated equipment, software and process improvements that were installed, implemented and maintained by Van Ausdall & Farrar have created over $40,000 in annual savings. Business outcomes realized as a result of the partnership include:

  1. Strengthened print/mail document security in the form of hardware and software upgrades and/or enhancements,
  2. Departmental purchases streamlined through FM site management oversight translating into fewer vendors for the city to manage and leveraging VAF’s cost recovering relationships,
  3. Coordination of community involvement in charity initiatives benefitting women’s shelter and “shop with a cop” programs.
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