About Van Ausdall & Farrar

Berry Global

The challenges of a growing international Fortune 500 company were exponential for an in-house marketing group that needed to control consistency and cost. Van Ausdall’s print and facilities management solutions were just what this plastic manufacturer needed.

The Company

Berry Global, Inc. is a Fortune 500 international manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, it has over 130 facilities and more than 23,000 employees around the world. Marketing for a company this complex takes a great deal of coordination and branding controls.

Berry needed a partner to run point on a new, in-house print production solution to handle the immense volume of printing needs for their entire corporation.

The Objective

Berry Global was expanding through both organic growth and outside acquisitions. Integrating these various print systems to align into one branding standard had become problematic. Berry needed an innovative solution to not only control cost across their 100+ locations, but also streamline the process among multiple vendors while reducing supply costs and IT challenges.

Van Ausdall & Farrar was a logical decision, because they were already managing and maintaining over 250 copiers in the organization. The goal for Van Ausdall expanded to provide Berry that same level of service and support for their over 1,500 printers.

The Strategy

Van Ausdall & Farrar established an on-site print and facilities management program. Staffed with two highly-trained Van Ausdall employees, they were able to offer high-end digital printing and finishing on-site. Van Ausdall even hired a digital color specialist to optimize the system to ensure color matching across all machines.

By moving all of this work in-house, Berry was able to cut printer and supply costs and simplify the coordination of multiple vendors to deliver the same product. In addition, Van Ausdall is now managing all of the copiers, printers, and fulfillment for all marketing activities, creating a sole point of contact for Berry.

The Results

Thanks to Van Ausdall’s new in-house print and facilities management system…

  1. Berry saved an average of 38% (over $100,000 per year) in just print costs alone.
  2. Berry is now able to enjoy a high quality and greater level of efficiency through dealing with a single, reputable vendor, instead of relying on multiple vendors to get the job done.

Now that their print needs and facilities management are taken care of, Berry has the time they need to focus on marketing.

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