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Tippecanoe School Corporation

Tippecanoe School Corporation was looking to free up valuable real estate for additional growth in their HR department. TSC digitally archived all of the school corporation’s employee files and imported them into their HR Information System, totaling over 500,000 pages. When this project needed to be done cost-effectively with no margin for error, they turned to Van Ausdall and Farrar’s Document Conversion Center for help.


Tippecanoe School Corporation, based in Tippecanoe County, provides an all-encompassing educational experience for K-12 schools. TSC manages two high schools (grades 9-12), six middle schools (grades 6-8), and 11 elementary schools (K-5) with 13,500 students. As TSC looked to expand their HR department, they recognized the need to expand their office space and archive the existing employee records that took up the office space.


Tippecanoe Schools needed to add two additional offices within their HR department. They needed to get the files out of their HR department as soon as possible in order to begin construction and get the files scanned, indexed, and imported into their existing HRIS within 6-months.

The challenge was to cost-effectively archive this massive amount of confidential business records without disrupting the day to day business within the HR department.


The core focus of Van Ausdall’s plan for Tippecanoe School Corporation was to find a way to digitize a massive amount of documents in a short time frame while also adhering to strict security guidelines. VAF’s offsite Document Conversion Center had the equipment, the experienced management and staff, as well as industry-leading capture software to achieve the desired results TSC was looking for with this effort.

With their extensive offsite scanning resources in mind, Van Ausdall submitted an RFP to Tippecanoe School Corporation. After receiving the proposal, TSC decided that Van Ausdall was the clear choice for this critical project.


Van Ausdall aimed to complete the project in 6-months within the budget set by Tippecanoe School Corporation. They completed the project within the time frame while also remaining significantly under budget. In addition, Van Ausdall adhered to strict confidentiality guidelines when completing the project, ensuring that all documents were scanned and indexed securely for TSC.

When completed, Van Ausdall accurately digitized and indexed over 500,000 employee documents. With the help of Van Ausdall, TSC was able to free up the necessary office space required to expand its HR department.

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