About Van Ausdall & Farrar

Tippecanoe Schools

Tippecanoe School Corporation wanted to streamline their printing and lower their total cost of ownership. With a fleet of over 1,200 printers and copiers across multiple locations, they needed to find ways to simplify maintenance as well as reduce cost and increase efficiency. To solve a problem this complex, they turned to the experts at Van Ausdall & Farrar.

The Company

Tippecanoe School Corporation serves more than 13,000 students. A school system with such a high volume students created infrastructure challenges across all of the locations. Tippecanoe was coordinating more than 10 different copy and print vendors to serve their needs, and costs were inconsistent and growing as a result. Managing of all of these vendors had become increasingly problematic for the administrative IT staff ,who were working with limited resources.

The Objective

Tippecanoe Schools needed to consolidate the number of vendors being used, centralize internal decision making, increase maintenance and support efficiency (IT staff was spending 20% of their time servicing print issues), and control costs. These struggles were compounded by the fact they had over 600 single function printers and over 200 copiers. The challenge for Tippecanoe was to determine which priorities were the most pressing, and how to meet those needs. That’s why they called Van Ausdall & Farrar.

The Strategy

Van Ausdall & Farrar completed a Technology Strength Assessment to find out which areas of the Tippecanoe School Corporation’s current technology needed to be eliminated, optimized, or leveraged for a future program.

After they reviewed the assessment, Van Ausdall recommended Copy/Print Management Solutions and Print Application Solutions that enabled the school corporation to streamline print and copy functions, provided mobile printing, integrated cloud printing, and eliminated over 900 outdated machines that were too costly to maintain and service.

The Results

Tippecanoe was won over by Van Ausdall’s process, which helped them accomplish all of their goals:

  1. By cutting their overall equipment from 1,200 machines to just over 300 new machines, the school corporation has seen $1,000,000 in savings over the life of the contract.
  2. Increased efficiency, better time management, and a more centralized communication system are only a few of the ways this upgrade made daily tasks more manageable.

Because this project with the school corporation was so successful, Van Ausdall & Farrar is working on other projects the team at Tippecanoe has not had time to address. Both organizations are reaping the benefits of this partnership.

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