About Van Ausdall & Farrar

Johnson Memorial Hospital

When Johnson Memorial Health faced a tight timeline to scan and index 1,500,000 patient records before the storage area was scheduled to be destroyed, they needed the specialists at Van Ausdall & Farrar to create a custom solution that could be implemented quickly. Van Ausdall rose to the challenge in record time.

The Company

Johnson Memorial Health is a nationally-recognized healthcare network based in Johnson County, Indiana. Their main campus in Franklin, Indiana has been the county’s only hospital since 1947. With the ever-changing demands of patient care and privacy laws, Johnson Memorial needed to respond to a patient record problem, and they called Van Ausdall & Farrar to help.

The Objective

Johnson Memorial Health had a big project, a short timeline, and a tight budget. They needed to digitize their patient paper records from 2009-2013. The storage location where the records were stored was scheduled for demolition, meaning they needed a comprehensive solution that maintained patient confidentiality (HIPAA / PHI) and adhered to their record retention policy. The whole project needed to be completed in 90 days. Initially the estimate calculated 100 banker-size boxes of records that needed to scanned. But after careful inventory, there were over 500 boxes.

The Strategy

To speed up the process, Van Ausdall & Farrar document conversion specialists came on site to inventory and index all boxes. Once that process was complete, employees took the records to Van Ausdall’s corporate office for systematic scanning. Since the law allowed everything older than 2009 to be properly destroyed, Van Ausdall was able to adhere to the budget constraints by keeping only the files they needed to by law. Van Ausdall was able to scan over 1.5 million files in just 90 days. Once the project was finished and all files were indexed, the paper files were safely destroyed and Van Ausdall issued a certificate of destruction.

The Results

Van Ausdall’s experience and creative solutions allowed Johnson Memorial Health to meet the needs of the project win record time:

  1. All files were properly inventoried, scanned, and indexed within 90 days and inside the allotted budget.
  2. The clerks who were responsible for the records are able to pull those files quickly and securely, increasing their efficiency in daily tasks.

Van Ausdall was able to provide a cost-effective approach to records management and document conversion that allowed Johnson Memorial to meet the high pressure deadline while staying under budget.

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