The Growing Risk of Poor IT Infrastructure

August 19th, 2019 by Guillermo Fernandez

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

Have you ever found yourself as the CIO or IT Director saying this about your IT Infrastructure? If you are like most companies, you have more projects than you can handle anyway, so why would you take on a project that is really not causing an immediate challenge for the company?

The reason is that over time, your infrastructure can steal time and resources from your employees little by little, making you more inefficient.

Here Are a Few Things to Consider regarding Your IT Infrastructure

  • SECURITY – Without the right patches and upgrades, your lack of security can expose you to cyber-crime, lost data, compliance breaches, and even ransom attacks.
  • PERFORMANCE – As the company grows and more employees come online, latency and network speed become more of an issue. Also, server and endpoint age and reliability only get more important.
  • AVAILABILITY – Now that so many applications run in the cloud, redundancy, power, failover, internet speed — all continue to become more and more critical as employees are added and the company becomes more dependent on them.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for these issues. The many variables involved making each company’s situation completely different. On top of that, multiple issues become intertwined and they are hard to unravel and get to the core problem.

See why “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” isn’t a wise way to go?

But regardless, this is a challenge we see in corporations daily. And although there isn’t a silver bullet fix, the steps you need to take to keep your IT infrastructure up to date are clear.

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