How Your Business Can Benefit from Security Awareness Training

October 26th, 2022 by Van Ausdall & Farrar

Security awareness is essential for the safety of business assets, money, brand reputation, and employees. As a standard business practice for many companies, security awareness has been a primary goal of businesses that strive to provide a safer and secure working setting for their customers and workforce.

Let’s understand what security awareness is and why you should consider implementing it as a business owner.

What Are Security Awareness and Security Awareness Training?

A business’ security awareness is its knowledge and attitude toward security. Security awareness training, meanwhile, is a formal educational system directed to employees and third-party stakeholders like business partners, educating them on how to protect a business and be aware of the company’s constant vulnerabilities, risks, and threats. Knowledge of these elements of business is invaluable in growth and success.

Security experts use security awareness training to prevent and mitigate potential risks. These strategies are developed to help everyone, including employees, understand their role in helping counter information security breaches.

The aim is to protect the business from internet-based threats such as cyberattacks and criminals who may be internal (employees doing illegal activities within the company) or external (perpetrators who aim to attack the business).

Now, let’s focus on the benefits of security awareness training for your business.

Benefits of Security Awareness Training

With cyber threats increasing and becoming more complex and sophisticated, you, as a business leader or owner, are responsible for protecting your company against threats. This can be achieved by evaluating technologies that can improve security across the board. Further, employee security awareness plays a significant role in mitigating such risks.

Security awareness training offers the following benefits to a business:

  • Drive Awareness – Human errors have been attributed to play a significant role in recent cyber attacks businesses have been experiencing. Adequately training your employees is key to optimal security. Van Ausdall & Farrar’s well-established security awareness training will drive cyber awareness and provide staff with the knowledge and confidence to spot and successfully address security dangers when they are presented.
  • Reduce Threats – Security awareness training has played a leading role in reducing threats that could lead to data and security breaches. For this reason, employee security awareness programs should be an essential consideration in your security framework. These security programs help your employees be mindful of security best practices.
  • Prevent Downtime – In the event of a security breach, it can be costly for your business to take time to repair and resume normal business operations. However, if your employees are conversant with cybersecurity principles and understand the importance of keeping your business safe, it would significantly reduce the chances of cyberattacks. A cybersecurity awareness training program will ensure your business operates as usual.
  • Improved Customer Confidence – With technological development, consumers are rapidly becoming aware and concerned about security-related risks. With this, businesses should also respond by implementing policies and technologies to ascertain their security resiliency and improve customer confidence. Customers are likely to discontinue their relationships with businesses following a data breach.

Why Choose Security Awareness Training from Van Ausdall & Farrar?

Van Ausdall & Farrar’s security awareness training program effectively changes your workforce’s attitudes and behavior around vital security practices. Our team of experts fully understands your business’ security needs and the importance of keeping employees updated with current security trends, risks, and threats.

Our security awareness training would benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Expert content - Our world-class cybersecurity awareness training content is professionally formulated and developed by experts in the security field. Our experts have experience and expertise in security matters for business needs across the country.
  • Simple administration - Van Ausdall & Farrar’s security training makes it easy to manage your policies and users who access your business’ website and premises.
  • Premier Partnerships - We work with KnowBe4, a best-in-class phishing simulation and training platform to improve your organization’s last line of defense.

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