Culture - Who Cares?

July 29th, 2016 by William Fama

Webster’s definition of Culture: a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization (such as a business).

Who cares? Well, we all better care! A business culture that you are a part of, or engaged with daily can have significant impact personally in many ways as you surely know. It can impact how productive you are day-to-day, as well as your overall attitude. It can support or negate how effective you are in communicating with clients, as well as your management and colleagues.

So we move on from school, or a job search for that place of employment we want to be a part of. We think we find it, but soon learn it is not where you want to be. We wonder what is it we are actually looking for. Is it the big money being offered? Or the fancy goods and services the company can offer? Or is it the household name or company/business that everyone wants to work for? Or how about that title on your card?

Fortunately, in time we learn that it’s actually quite simple; all we really want is to be a part of a professional organizational culture that is comfortable and extends the feeling of worth; an environment that supports open and honest communications; an environment where you as an individual can thrive in and want to be a part of for years to come; a culture focused on not only growing the business, but supporting your fellow employees and customers in a way that fills you with pride to work there. Your place of employment should support you in always being focused on doing the right thing internally, as well as externally for the customers you serve. There is no exaggeration in the old saying- “happy employees results in happy customers”.

If you are an empowered employee within the organization you are a part of, you will likely be very effective and enthused on a daily basis. If your place of employment supports a behavior modeled by honest and ethical decisions, you will thrive. This becomes a business culture you are a part of, but also representative of a work ethic you want to live by. Most likely your clients you serve will notice what kind of a culture you are a part of, and want to do business with or without you accordingly.

So now again ask yourself, as it pertains to “Culture”, who cares? Well as I said at the beginning, everyone should care as people have choices as to where they want to work, or whom they want to do business with. Culture is a critical and key component in so many ways. The more positive the culture, the more positive the employees, the more positive the customers… and so goes the success of a business.

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