Case Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

December 6th, 2016 by Guillermo Fernandez

Case management software helps build client relationships and improve patient care.

Companies that support healthcare organizations such as nursing homes, retirement communities and long-term care facilities need to employ an effective way to manage these critical relationships, if their goal is to retain them as client partners. Static, non-automated methods of tracking staff activities give these companies limited visibility into the overall “health” of the relationship, so to speak, where key information isn’t supporting interdisciplinary activities critical to optimum patient care.

Working with an OnBase solution provider such as Van Ausdall & Farrar, companies that support the healthcare industry can leverage a hosted OnBase case management application for client relationship management and tracking that strengthens and supports emerging client partnership strategy.

360-degree View of Client Relationships

Van Ausdall & Farrar will work with your company to define and build a case management application that equips your staff with the ability to track all client correspondence, key activities, stakeholders, events and action items for all your facilities in one central interface. OnBase applications support internal audits, track who is involved, record the date of completion and attach supporting documentation while using automatic notifications of required tasks and built-in reporting functionality to improve productivity and visibility. This gives managers, VPs and executives a 360-degree view of client relationships and supporting information, enabling them to make better decisions and take actions required to retain valuable business partnerships.

The application also helps you proactively identify at-risk relationships to improve retention. Staff use a color-coded rating system to indicate relationship stability, recording issues such as contractual problems, performance issues or a change in key stakeholders directly within the client record. This provides you with much-needed transparency into the health of relationships.

Benefits of OnBase Solutions & VAF Product Expertise

  • Improves client relationships and patient service - gaps in staffing or poor communications with your clients hurt the service they provide to their patients. By helping to identify and rectify potential problem areas, you can help them improve patient care.
  • Offers a complete view - OnBase case management capabilities coupled with VAF’s design and implementation equip your staff to track and connect all the information and documentation surrounding each client relationship. Built-in dashboards and reporting functionality provide a platform for content-enabled applications. No other case management software allows you to manage data and related documentation with so much flexibility, while providing the automation and notifications you require.
  • Secure hosting in the Cloud - a cloud-based deployment provides needed flexibility and reliability while minimizing expensive infrastructure requirements.

With the capabilities of OnBase and VAF’s product expertise, you can utilize a forward-thinking solution of managing critical relationships with your clients.

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