Advantages of Using Business Technology in Higher Education

August 9th, 2022 by Van Ausdall & Farrar

Educational institutions have been given one of the country’s most important jobs – preparing today’s youth for the world of tomorrow. Even though these facilities carry such an essential duty and are always in continuous operation, they are constantly behind the times technologically. Modern technology has allowed businesses and institutions to advance exponentially by improving processes and cutting back unnecessary time. The education industry has widely been unable to do so and has begun to suffer the consequences of not operating as optimally as possible.

At VAF, we understand the importance of education and how it impacts the progression of our society as a whole. This is why we have taken the time to create a suite of services to enable educational institutions to take advantage of modern-day technology and provide the best services possible to students.

As a leading authority on education technology processes, we can help you with the newest technologies to provide solutions to information management, print, communication, and business processes. This allows schools or universities’ technology to improve students’ outcomes and overall experience.

Business Technology for Educational Institutions

At VAF, we have been helping provide solutions to schools and universities alike for decades. Our extensive experience has allowed us to cultivate the best way to approach the challenge of optimizing business technology solutions for the education industry. We have come up with best-in-class solutions to tackle the most significant areas where education has struggled.


Higher education institutions work with a massive amount of information, and finding an effective way to create, store, manage, and deliver this information can be challenging. Our experts have decided the best solution for dealing with information processes in an education setting is a cloud-based solution, effectively putting all information and data in an easy-to-use central location; this helps increase storage space and save time. Also included in our information solutions are:

  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Managed IT Solutions
  • Physical Security
  • Device and Identity Management


If you want to streamline your institution’s printing process and save money, then our print solutions are right for you. We have noticed a number of schools deal with too many print leases and vendors, which leaves them spending more time and money than they want. Our solutions to these problems are simple and effective. From implementing cloud processes to consolidating print spending, and various other methods, we can help schools cut back on time, money, and effort spent on printing. Out print solutions include:

  • Consolidated Print Spending
  • Centralized Print Management
  • Reporting Tools for Both Usage and Spend Budgets
  • Automated Toner Replenishment
  • Top-tier Endpoint Security Firmware
  • Cloud Process or Cloud Environment Integration


As the world continues becoming increasingly digital, companies and institutions need to adapt their processes. Communication in education is everything. Communication from teacher to parents, parents to students, and everything in between is crucial in creating an effective school environment. This is why we have several communication solutions that have actively changed the way many schools communicate, these include;

  • Cloud and Premise Unified Communications Platforms
  • Contact Center Solutions, including Omni-Channel platforms, deliver voice, chat, email, and social media
  • Call Recording
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Virtual Learning Platforms
  • Traditional Telephone Solutions
  • Overhead Paging Systems
  • Time Clock/Bell Systems
  • Wireless Communication Solutions
  • Physical Security Solutions, including video surveillance platforms
  • High-Speed Internet, SIP trunking, and managed SD-WAN solutions.
  • Structured low Voltage Wiring


When you think of industries that involve a lot of information, education comes to mind. Educational institutions have a seemingly endless amount of data that, when not properly managed, can get out of hand quickly. We are happy to introduce schools and universities to a better way to process their information. By implementing document management and digitalization of your data, schools will be better equipped to organize and utilize their data in more effective ways. The business process solutions we provide include:

  • Student Record Management
  • Facilities Management Solutions
  • Document Conversion Solutions
  • Voice Processing Solutions
  • Print Fulfillment Solutions

Why Work with VAF

Working with schools and universities is something that VAF does not take lightly. We understand the importance of these institutions and what they mean to the future of our country. This is why we have taken the time to create dozens of processes to help schools better succeed in an ever-changing technology landscape.

If you would like to see your school or university save money and better utilize their time, contact us today to discuss solutions!

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