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We Are Business Process Solutions

Van Ausdall & Farrar is your partner in helping you manage the day-to-day flow of information throughout your company. Our team works with you to understand your needs, your challenges and your areas of opportunity, then builds a custom business process solution for you that will drive efficiencies -process improvements, cost control, technological innovation- and make the business of operational office procedures that much more productive.

Best Site Business Process Solutions

While you’re focusing on your core business, we deliver best site BPS, meaning any service can be provided outsourced onsite or offsite – as long as it’s the best site for your company.

For instance, when a document is created, do you produce copies? Do you distribute it? Store it? Retrieve it? Will you destroy it? Whether the life cycle of your documents is supported by our technology, equipment, labor, IT infrastructure, our in-house digital imaging capabilities and more, all of it is critical to managing your company’s operational office procedures in the most efficient way, that also mitigates risk. Your end users will thank you!

Operational Excellence

We strive for continuous improvement with all of our services. We measure them constantly and report the results often. We focus on every aspect of customer service, bringing forward the best solution and utilizing the most efficient technology, to truly stand out as a best of class services provider in the market.

We have unique resources in this town -in this region, in this state- because you won’t find another BPS partner with our scalable capacity. We can address any of your concerns instantly, on the spot. Our profits don’t go out of state or offshore; they are pumped right back into the local economy. And with all our years of experience, we will share unique insight so you can make smarter choices.

Business Process Solutions Areas of Expertise

Facilities Management

The facilities management of old is now supported by business process solutions. We utilize the right technology, optimized equipment and enhanced processes to support your company with best site service that improves productivity, controls costs and drives business results.

Managed Mail Centers

We make sure your mail, parcels and packages reach their destinations as fast as possible with minimum cost. We perform comprehensive tracking of postage and shipping costs, access delivery and distribution procedures and recommend the best technology that minimizes loss and claims and maximizes savings for you.

Managed Print Centers

Our best site solutions for all your printing needs include staffing and equipping in-house print centers to focus on quality output, centralized copying and end-user customer service; print on demand; budget management of annual spending for print work; “shopping best rates” for vended print services on your behalf; and utilizing our proprietary software at our on-site Document Conversion Center (DCC).

Receptionist Services

We engage well-trained people to receive guests at your locations, so their first impression is a good one. We also employ advanced technology to assist your reception staff with quick, effective visitor screening, such as real-time security photos, driver’s license scanning and background check, visitor’s badges and detailed activity reporting from a secure database, eliminating the need for paper logbooks.

Document Retrieval & Electronic Storage

With the right level of expertise, the right people and the right software with the right technology supporting it, we can effectively reduce your onsite file storage space or eliminate it completely. We can liberate your document retention policy with recommendations for the more cost effective imaging of documents for storage and retrieval. We will also mitigate the risk to your files from fire, flood or theft.

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