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Print Fulfillment Solutions

Today’s print needs are much different than they used to be. It used to be enough to be able to print in-house, or to take a disc to your local printer to have things printed for you. Today, companies don’t have the specific equipment needed to get every print job done right and well. They often need high-end print fulfillment solutions using the latest technology to print on demand for high end marketing, training, or legal needs.

VAF’s closed door facility allows for absolute confidentiality and attention to detail. VAF has tremendous digital printing capabilities at a fraction of the cost compared to retail copy shops and quick printers.

Print Fulfillment Solutions Benefits

  1. Print On-Demand. Print only what you need, when you need it, eliminating obsolete print materials. Our print portal helps clients with branded, pre-approved, compliant print solutions that are totally customizable for your particular needs.

  2. Consistency in Print. All logos, colors, layouts, and parameters have been pre-approved so orders can be placed easily. Less room for error and more room for print efficiency.

  3. Organized Print Process. We help you develop a print process to help keep all print on demand jobs organized and on budget through approved user accounts, which drives efficiency.

Our services include:

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