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Van Ausdall & Farrar’s Voice Processing, Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition technology solutions date back to 1914. So it’s safe to say we have the region’s most experienced team, delivering automation with advanced technological features such as voice speech system recognition, automated distribution and report workflows that address fast ROI and drive down total cost of ownership. Our goal is to implement a front-end solution that helps you address the bottom-line benefit.

For the first 70 years of our history, we serviced the healthcare and legal industries exclusively. Today, we continue to design HIPAA-compliant solutions for healthcare companies, hospitals and specialty care facilities as well as sole proprietor and enterprise law firms. In addition, professionals in law enforcement, court room recording and automatic business meeting transcription seek our complete line of enterprise class voice recognition and text technology solutions. Our long standing relationships with well-known manufacturers like M*Modal, SpeechMotion, Winscribe, Dragon Speak, Olympus, Philips and VIQ Solutions help make our speech voice processing and speech recognition system solutions 102 years above the rest.

The artistry of voice processing and words recognition are a very detailed discipline of creating documentation suitable for sophisticated information technology management systems and designed to deliver automatic correction based on voice recognition. Using templates customized for different industries, our voice processing solutions compute electronic medical records (EMR) and other highly regulated documents with state-of-the-art precision.

Our services include:

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