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Go Paperless with VAF Document Conversion Services

Too often, the footprint for on-site document storage is costly, consuming vast amounts of any organization’s internal work space. The cost of typical off-site document storage options can be excessive.

With VAF’s Document Conversion Services, both strategies are unnecessary. We will assist you:

Ultra-Secure Document Conversion Center

VAF operates its ultra-secure Document Conversion Center within the Van Ausdall & Farrar 57,000-square foot, single tenant corporate office facility located in Indianapolis, IN. All your physical documents/records to be converted are kept in a monitored, secure location. All visitors must register at the front desk and must be accompanied by a VAF employee always.

Access to the document conversion area is limited to document conversion personnel, management, sales and service personnel only by keycard access system. The company’s electronic employee badging system is managed by the IT department and all VAF employees must pass a detailed background check.

The entire document conversion process is a closed network that operates independently from VAF’s existing IT infrastructure. Scanning and QC workstations are not internet accessible. The deliverable media is created on either CD/DVD or external hard drive, which can be encrypted media and/or provided for a secure file transfer as needed.

Benefits of VAF Document Conversion Center

Exclusive Document Conversion & Electronic Storage Services

Document Pick-Up & Staging

VAF’s closed loop process employs a strict chain of custody from the time the documents are picked up from the source location through delivery of the images and certified document destruction (if applicable). We assign a unique box identifier to each container at the time of pickup, which is logged into a manifest and tracked throughout the imaging process. Batch separator sheets are created for each box ID, initialed at each stage of the process and loged. Chain of custody documentation is signed by the custodian of the records as well as the VAF representative.

Document Prep

VAF prepares documents for imaging with extreme attention to detail by removing all binding elements (staples, clips, etc.), placing document separator sheets to designate the document boundaries, and tape or create make-ready copies of small pages (receipts, post-it notes, etc.).

Document Imaging

VAF will image each page using production scanning equipment.

Document Reassembly/Reconstruction

VAF reassembles prepped and scanned documents to their original condition by replacing staples, clips, post-it notes, etc. VAF removes document separator sheets and place documents back into folders or binders and place into original container. Reassembly personnel validate the number of document separators noted in each batch to validate that all documents are successfully unitized and imaged.

Imaging QC/Image Verification

VAF performs a page-for-page quality control process to ensure that all pages have been captured and the highest level of quality is achieved. QC personnel validate the number of document separators noted in each batch to validate that all documents were successfully unitized and imaged.


VAF personnel key enter or digitally capture indexing fields from all processed images.

Deliverable Creation/Quality Control

VAF creates the deliverable format in adherence to the statement of work (TIF, PDF, searchable PDF, etc.). QC personnel validate the number of electronic records created per box log and batch log. VAF tests all images for possible corruption and validates that all indexing values are associated with the corresponding images. VAF also validates that a searchable PDF deliverable is searchable.

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