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Voice Recognition

Integrated Speech Recognition

Winscribe provides flexible front end speech recognition and back end server processing. Server-based recognition is carried out after the author has completed the dictation, while front-end recognition is processed on each individual PC, so the author can view and edit the recognized text as they dictate.

Both front-end (client) and back-end (server) speech recognition can be combined and deployed in many different scenarios to suit individual requirements. Both combinations also retain all the workflow management features that make Winscribe so powerful. Authors can review their own reports before and/or after they are transcribed, or have them reviewed by others.

Client-side Speech Recognition

Using Winscribe to process speech recognition locally allows authors to:

Server-side Speech Recognition

The Winscribe server-side speech recognition solution is highly scalable and can be installed on any size site; from a small site with a single dictation server, to a large site with multiple servers. Speech recognition is processed centrally and all reports are routed to transcriptionists or back to the author. This means:

Additional Features