Technology Strength Assessment

Information Assessment

Does downtime due to a computer outage impact revenue, sales or company credibility?

Are all of your user files stored in a location that would allow you to gain access to them in the event that a computer was lost or stolen?

Are your business's password and password change policies managed centrally and strong enough to protect your data?

Do you have concerns that your company is struggling to comply with industry or government mandates such as FISMA, BDPR, HIPAA or PCI/DSS?

In the event of a power outage, do you know that you have a battery backup system that will keep your router, firewall and servers running for a minimum of 30 minutes?

Do you have someone patch your servers and computers at least once a month?

Do you have procedures in place to review updates for your corporate firewall(s)?

Has your company been impacted by a malware or Ransomware attack in the past?

Do you utilize security awareness training to make sure users are trained to avoid email and web-based hacking attempts?

Do you have Microsoft software and operating systems that are in end-of-life status?

Are your applications supported with hardware redundancy to provide complete availability and high performance?

Do you have the ability to send encrypted email when sharing potentially sensitive information?

Are you appropriately protecting company data from a breach with tools like encryption, multi-factor authentication, logging and network segmentation?

Do you perform restoration tests of your backups at least quarterly?

Do you have a written Disaster Recovery Plan that includes IT systems and is revised once or twice a year?

Do you have computers that are older than five years?

Is IT capacity planning and resource management affecting your ability to strategically pursue new opportunities?

Do you share written Internet Usage and Corporate Email policies with your end users?

Do you utilize device monitoring software?

Has a recent business change event created an opportunity to evaluate different approaches to IT infrastructure?

Print Assessment

Does your company have a strong and defined print strategy?

Do you have a well-defined process for handling scanning, workflow and document management?

Are all of your printer devices networked?

Are you confident and pleased that the supplier of the devices is providing excellent service, and the cost of the related supplies/services is appropriate?

If we offered a print solution customized to your operation that bundles supplies and service, would you be interested in discussing further?

Do you know how much you spend annually on printer supplies and service?

Do you use any specialized applications?

Do you file and retrieve electronic and/or hard-copy documents?

Is most scanning done on MFPs?

Do you receive toner on a regular automated basis?

Do you have a specific replacement strategy for when a printer breaks?

Do you utilize desktop printers for color printing?

Do you have enough critical high-volume printers to meet your print needs?

Do you have enough backup printers in storage in case they ever need to be deployed?

Do you have your printer models consolidated to one brand and one or very few models?

Have you ever had a strategic print assessment completed?

Are any of your desktop printers used for printing checks?

Do you utilize any thermal print devices?

Are cost savings regarding print a high priority?

Are print workflow efficiencies critical to your company’s success?

Process Assessment

Does your company currently automate your AP processing?

Does your company have and execute a formal records retention schedule?

Does your company currently automate your HR/ON-BOARDING processes?

Is your LEGAL/CONTRACT MANAGEMENT documentation automated?

Is your SALES ORDER processing automated?

Does your company take advantage of early payment discounts?

Does your company have a centralized document repository for your business records?

Are your current business processes more than 50% paper based?

Does your company utilize a clear defined strategy that allows you to continue operating at 100% if the building and/or paper records were not accessible?

Are more than 50% of your department records stored and accessed as paper files?

Does your administrative staff currently perform more than 50% of the day to day office services (copy print, mail, shipping/receiving, scanning)

Does your company currently deploy an electronic conference room management system for scheduling and usage tracking?

Does your company currently apply real-time metrics and reporting for office services (SLAs, KPIs volumes...)?

Does your company currently track inbound packages from the time they are received (dock) through delivery to the end recipient (desktop)?

Does your company experience high turnover in your administrative staff and/or in-house resource center?

Is your company currently taking full advantage of carrier and USPS discounts for outgoing overnight mail parcels and USPS mail?

Does your company have a centralized resource center for office services?

Does your company utilize a paper visitor management system to track visitors as they enter and leave your organization?

Does your company currently have an electronic forms management and/or print submission tool ?

Does your company have to outsource most of your print technology to local printers?

Communications Assessment

Do you currently utilize an IP based phone system?

Is your system cloud based?

Are your Smart Phones connected to your corporate phone system (extension dialing, real time presence, corporate directory)?

Do you have the ability to record all calls today?

Does your wiring infrastructure include CAT5e or better cabling everywhere you need a phone, and are all cables terminated labeled and tested?

Do you have a desktop client to manage call activity, real time presence, and call routing?

Is your data switching infrastructure Power over Ethernet (PoE) compliant?

Can you currently use your desktop or laptop as your phone?

Do your data switches support GB ethernet?

Do you have appropriate Wi-Fi coverage?

Is your internet service satisfactory to your current business needs?

Are you under contract with your current internet service provider?

Do you utilize SIP trunking for dial tone?

Do you currently utilize voicemail to email?

Do you use a fax server?

Do you currently utilize audio and/or web collaboration?

Do you have a detailed disaster recovery plan for your business communications system?

Do you have an after-hours call plan?

Do you utilize call reports?

Do you currently support remote users?

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