Do You Know How Much Your Organization Is Spending on Printing?

Reams of wasted paper in the recycling bin. No strategic supply management. Underutilized or inefficient printers. Documents that should be black and white but are printed in color. These are symptoms of an ineffective managed print strategy. Van Ausdall & Farrar supplies you with answers needed to increase effectiveness while maximizing the output of your printer fleet.

managed print

Start by Seeing the Big Picture: Today’s economic climate is forcing companies to focus on being leaner, looking for ways to reduce costs, improve overall efficiency and increase profitability. The VAF Circle Assessment service is a gateway to discovering new and better ways to work with technology and handle the flow of information. Through years of collecting hard evidence and constructing thousands of assessments, we have identified seven core areas that drive the alignment of all technology and business process initiatives.

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  • The Methodology
    Our experienced consultants work in partnership with our clients throughout the process, ensuring that we deliver a clear road map for you to reach your pre-defined goals.
    In this preliminary meeting, we define the strategic direction and the objectives of your company.
    Software reporting tools, physical walk throughs, and staff meetings to collect data to develop a comprehensive snapshot of your current environment.
    Assembled data is reviewed with your staff in a validation meeting to identify opportunities for improvement.
    During this stage, we co-author solutions for optimizing your workflow, from hardware consolidation to sustainable working practices.
    We outline an action plan of periodic reviews to focus on continuous improvements.

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