In an industry as competitive as the insurance industry, it’s important to have solid business technology solutions in place in order to have a leg up on the competition. Not only will new business technology solutions improve your efficiency and keep you up-to-date on the newest technology, but they will also eliminate any unnecessary technologies that are currently in use.

For reliable information, print, communication, and business process solutions that will increase the efficiency of your insurance business, get in touch with Van Ausdall & Farrar today.

Insurance Industry Business Technology Solutions

Information Management

Like many industries, businesses in the insurance industry have no shortage of information to manage. From keeping track of healthcare and financial records to driver’s license information and other data, insurance businesses have plenty of information to keep track of.

Our information management solutions will help your business deploy successful information management strategies to drive organizational growth and success. Our solutions include:

  • Cloud Computing Solutions such as O365, or migrations to Azure and AWS.
  • IT Infrastructure Deployment and Management, including next-generation firewalls, switching, storage Wi-Fi and analytics solutions.
  • Data Security & Compliance Solutions, including Anti-Virus, Ransomware protection, Next Generation Firewalls, System Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
  • Managed IT Solutions, including advanced monitoring, proactive support, software patching and IT road mapping.

Concerned about ransomware and all the other nefarious cyberattacks taking place in our world today? Our VAF security specialists can help. In fact, we hold the coveted Certified Information Systems and Security Professional (CISSP) certification, among many other advanced certifications with our top-flight partners, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Fortinet
  • Sophos
  • VMware
  • Scale Computing
  • HP

Print Solutions

Print technology continues to grow and evolve, creating more efficient and effective solutions. If your insurance business has been using the same print technology services for years now, it might be time to reevaluate your technology. We’ll help you determine if new print solutions can help you become more efficient.

Print Solutions from VAF Include:

  • Consolidated Print Spending
  • Centralized Print Management
  • Reporting Tools for Both Usage and Spend Budgets
  • Automated Toner Replenishment
  • Top-tier Endpoint Security Firmware
  • Cloud Process or Cloud Environment Integration
  • Authenticated Print and Copy Release
  • Secure Scanning

Communication Solutions

As the business world continues to shift to remote locations, it’s important to ensure that your insurance business is prepared to make that leap. Get in touch with Van Ausdall & Farrar today to see how a next-generation cloud or premise-based unified communication platform can help.

We understand the reasons behind businesses moving toward remote workplaces, and we want to help you make a smooth transition. We’ll discuss your needs with you and customize the best possible solution. VAF offers the following communications products and services to the Insurance industry:

  • Cloud, Premise and Hybrid communication platforms
  • Advanced Mobile (iPhone, Droid) Applications
  • Secure Remote Worker Applications
  • Contact Center Solutions, including Omni-Channel technology that routes voice, chat and email intelligently throughout your enterprise.
  • Business Telephone Solutions
  • Office Security Solutions, including Video Surveillance
  • High-speed Internet, SIP Trunking and managed SD-WAN solutions

Learn how VAF made a tremendous impact on Ellinger Riggs Insurance’s bottom line:

Ellinger Riggs Case Study

Business Process Solutions

Modern problems require modern solutions. If your insurance company is using outdated technology, you’re likely not finding success in managing the process flow of your business.

The experienced and innovative experts at VAF will provide a complimentary assessment in order to better understand the needs and goals of your business. We’ll then design business process solutions that will increase the efficiency of your business.

Van Ausdall & Farrar can provide on-site or off-site managed services to support all aspects of document management and digitization from printing, mailing, scanning, indexing, to a fully digital workflow of your highly critical business processes.

Business process solutions from VAF include:

  • Content Management
  • Facilities Management Solutions
  • Document Conversion Solutions
  • Voice Processing Solutions
  • Print Fulfillment Solutions

Business Technology for Insurance Companies

No matter the specific needs of your insurance company, Van Ausdall & Farrar can find effective solutions to increase the efficiency of your business. By replacing outdated technologies with newer and more effective solutions, you’ll see the overall efficiency of your company grow exponentially.

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