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Video Surveillance Solutions

As businesses grow the need to capture activity throughout and around the perimeter of the office becomes critical. Traditional video surveillance systems were highly specialized and difficult to deploy and manage. VAF’s offerings simplify the solution by using IP-based, network-connected devices. Our offerings can even bridge the gap between your traditional based coaxial system, and a new IP based system. In fact, we can oftentimes leverage the existing coaxial wiring infrastructure to deliver HD-quality video capture and recording.

Van Ausdall & Farrar is Proud to Partner with Fortinet and PefectView.

The VAF Difference

Surveillance systems can be complicated, expensive, and unreliable to include in your company network infrastructure. But FortiCamera and FortiRecorder simplify IP video surveillance. Plus, there are no license fees! With FortiCams, you can see everything: doors, POS terminals, public areas–whatever you need to keep an eye on. FortiRecorder captures the images for easy monitoring, storage, and retrieval. Just plug in your cameras, connect the FortiRecorder, open a web browser or client application, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to navigate and configure with event timelines and profile-driven configuration.

FortiCameras with FortiRecorder give you everything you need for complete site video security:

Our products and services include:

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