Technology Solutions

Cyber Security

All organizations are faced with the specter of bad actors in cyber-space actively trying to gain unauthorized access and control over their IT enterprises. VAF utilizes a fabric approach to secure various attack surfaces from bad actors. Our solutions fit into premise and cloud- based networks and drastically decrease the odds of being compromised. Protection is offered via subscription plans, as well as project-based solutions.

Our Solutions:

Certified, Experienced Security Team including CISSP Resource

Attack Surfaces Secured

Wired LAN – Network Access Control, Segmentation, Segmentation-Firewall, Encryption

Wireless LAN – Network Access Control (NAC), Segmentation, Authentication

WAN – Secure SD-WAN, Next Generation Firewall, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Encryption, Virtual Private Networking

Private/Public Cloud – Virtual Next Generation Firewall, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), ZTNA-SASE, MFA Authentication

Mail – Anti-SPAM, Anti-Malware, Encryption, Premise & Cloud

Remote User End-Point – ZTNA, SSL-VPN, Secure Access Security Edge (SASE), Mobile Device Management (MDM), End Point Protection (EPP) Extended Detection Response (XDR), Managed Detection Response (MDR)

End-Point – EPP, ZTNA, EDR, XDR, MDR, Sandboxing, Encryption, NAC, End User Security Awareness Training, Vulnerability Scanning/Patching, Compliance Monitoring

Internet of Things (IoT) End-Point – NAC, SIEM, Orchestration

Next Generation Tech

EDR – Endpoint Detection & Response secures end-points via continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with automated response and analysis capabilities.

XDR – Extended Detection & Response adds additional protection to EDR deployments by providing greater visibility of threats, superior automation to detect, analyze, hunt, and remediate threats.

MDR – Managed Detection & Response adds Security Operations Center (SOC) services to an EDR/XDR security surface.

IPS – Intrusion Prevention Systems work in concert with Next Generation Security Appliances to not only deny Malware entry into the network, but to use constantly updated data to target specific Firewall related attacks.

Orchestration – Automating and easing management strains requires the use of machine learning systems to sort, triage, and respond to myriad of analytics streams coming from various sources.

SIEM – Systems Information Event Management provides an overall portal of various reporting, and orchestrated devices. It utilizes machine learning to greatly decrease time spent by security analysts to determine possible threats.

NAC – Network Access Control ensures security by limiting unauthorized physical access to privileged networks. These systems rely on advanced auto-discovery, and secure authentication technologies. NAC systems can also work in concert with other fabric devices to enhance security coverage.

Secure SD-WAN – Blends the cost saving and performance technology of SD-WAN and incorporates the security required into the same instance of hardware or virtual appliance. This allows tight security on dynamic SD-WAN networks.

Application Control – Provides the ability to control specific applications and how they interact with the Internet. Traffic shaping, blocking, and allowing actions give granular control to administrators.

Content Filtering – Controls access to browsing the web. Utilizing a constantly updated rating data base, this technology allows granular control and customized access to web sites. Allowing administrator to stop questionable content from being consumed.

SandBox – Zero Day threats to not have a defined virus signature yet. Sandbox uses intelligence to scan files and look for suspicious markers that alert an upload to a clean “SandBox” virtual machine. The code is executed and if it is malicious, the file is blocked, and the intelligence fabric is updated.

Subscription-Based & Purchase-Based Protection

Van Ausdall & Farrar offers monthly, annual, multiyear managed and customer-managed protection plans available for multiple attack surfaces.

We also offer traditional purchase and leasing options to best fit your needs for your timing.

Van Ausdall & Farrar offers HaaS (Hardware as a Service) plans to give you comprehensive service.