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Businesses constantly face an uphill battle when it comes to meeting customer demands, changes in the market and increased competition among competitors. In order to keep pace, more companies are embracing digital transformation. But in many cases, traditional network architectures weren’t built to handle the current workloads or digital transformation initiatives.

That’s where software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) comes in. SD-WAN increases network performance and reduces hardware costs and costly routing. SD-WAN allows businesses to support new services and applications and access multi-cloud services.

To learn more about how an SD-WAN solution can help with your business’ digital transformation, or to request service, don’t hesitate to reach out to the technology experts at Van Ausdall & Farrar today.

The Van Ausdall & Farrar SD-WAN Advantage

At VAF, we allow companies to either use their own Fortinet equipment or utilize our hardware as a service (HaaS) program. It’s your choice! This gives businesses the flexibility they crave.

We empower companies to leverage the Fortinet solution to provision any mix of internet services of their choosing. By not tying the management of the SD-WAN technology and equipment to a particular internet service provider, you have much greater ease and flexibility in making changes to your wide area network (WAN) environment. In today’s world, flexibility and the ability to adapt is absolutely crucial!

As a global leader in internet service provider (ISP) aggregation, hypercore evaluates the very best internet service options for each respective location, while also offering all these services on one simple to understand bill. In many instances, there are half a dozen or more ISPs included in our solution. However, hypercore consolidates these services onto one bill. Very importantly, hypercore serves as the client and their IT Managed Service Provider’s single point of contact for troubleshooting and problem escalation of all ISP subscriptions.

Every location has a primary internet service (fiber), along with a secondary internet service (Coax) with a completely different carrier. This internet diversity at every site assures we can route and shape traffic at all times, and if one of the internet services fails, we can reroute that traffic in real-time to eliminate service disruptions.

Fortinet FortiManager

Fortinet “FortiManager” provides you and your IT managed services provider simple administration and management of your Fortinet next-generation firewall and SD-WAN appliances.

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

The solution can also be programmed for facial identification, with users easily added in a few short clicks. Additional features include configurable audible alarms and messaging capabilities.

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VAF is the only SD-WAN specialized partner in the Great Lakes region with 11 Fortinet NSE-certified members on staff.

Van Ausdall & Farrar was established as a distributor for the Thomas Edison Company in 1914 and has grown into one of the largest full-service technology providers in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. To learn more about our managed SD-WAN services, contact us today.