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Web & Audio Conference Call Solutions for Business

Web, Audio and Instant Messaging

Organizations that provide their teams with advanced, easy-to-use business telephone systems find that information flows faster and more smoothly, with less miscommunication and few errors. Distances disappear, while the geographic area that you can market and support your solution broadly expands. All the while, your productivity skyrockets as companies empower their people to connect with instant messaging, conference call services and web desktop sharing. Meetings become more effective and response times get faster. And just as important, your team dynamics growth stronger.

With Van Ausdall & Farrar’s collaboration solutions, we combine voice and data over the enterprise phone system to make instant messaging, conference call solutions, and desktop sharing accessible across the entire organization. VAF’s collaboration solutions are “plug-and-play,” making the features simple to install and simple to use.

In summary, VAF’s web, audio and instant messaging solutions provide: