Cloud Solutions

The cloud, simply put, is the place where most technology services live.  It’s the place where your information is stored.  It’s the software you use.  It houses the security measures you place around your data.  The cloud provides the backbone for everything we do and how we use information today.

Cloud solutions are being increasingly embraced by companies to help their employees be more productive because they can access data from anywhere, including email, files, applications, e-commerce…even voicemail and contact information.  Companies who purpose to use the cloud find themselves at an advantage over their competitors who are still using in-house servers on which to store their data.  Cloud solutions are easier to manage, easier to access, and less expensive than in-house technology is to update, upgrade, and maintain.

Benefits Cloud Solutions Offer:

  1. INCREASED INFORMATION STORAGE SPACE – With the cloud, most companies enjoy unlimited storage space housed at location separate from their own in-house servers.  Companies are able to store as much data as desired and know it will be kept secure.
  2. BUSINESS CONTINUITY – The cloud ensures that your business never misses a beat with downed servers or slower networks.  Employees can work virtually anywhere in the world with access to real-time information when and where they need it.
  3. SAVES TIME AND COST –  Since employees can work anywhere, cloud solutions drive productivity up while driving costs down.  When companies don’t have to maintain expensive servers, they have less cost associated with their hardware, as well as less cost in paying people to manage the equipment.

Services Include:

  • Subscription Services
  • Co-location
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Virtualization


Introducing Vsecure IT Services

vsecure logo

VanAusdall and Farrar has restructured our entire IT Managed Service offerings into comprehensive IT security-focused support plans. To show our commitment to IT Security we have re-branded our practice as Vsecure. Afterall, something new and unique should have its own name. When restructuring our IT support offerings we took Security as the first consideration, however other customer needs such as flexibility, cost, and coverage were all reevaluated to offer the best options for customers. All base Vsecure user and server support programs include an entitlement to Sophos Intercept X Advanced with XDR. We also include software patching and proactive monitoring from Datto. These starting programs combines with a next generation firewall provide the “new” basic security coverage all companies should have. More and more customers are investing in cyber insurance. They are quickly realizing that they cannot get insurance without EDR/XDR protection, proactive monitoring, software patching, and a next generation firewall. Vsecure programs meet these needs except the firewall, and we can provide one under a Hardware as a Service agreement, or purchase.

Vsecure offers the flexibility to increase your cyber security readiness depending on need and budget. We utilize our strong partnerships with Fortinet and Sophos to offer the following Co-Managed and Managed Security Services:

  • Endpoint/Server Protection Utilizing EDR/XDR/MTR Technologies
  • Proactive Patching and Monitoring
  • Co-Managed Fortinet Firewall Security Service
  • Co-Managed Fortinet Fabric Service
  • SOCaaS (Security Operations Center as a Service)
  • Dedicated Security Analyst
  • Mail Security
  • Vulnerability ScanningThe Vsecure team includes a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). This individual can assist with regulatory concerns, security planning, business continuity, and incident planning. We also offer end user cyber security awareness training from Knowbe4, as well as their compliancy management platform. Vsecure can assist with all your data security needs.