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“Van Ausdall & Farrar was able to cost-effectively scan and index all of our old case files and put them into a database that our clerks have access to for day to day file requests. This has allowed our office to get rid of nearly 2 million pages of historic records. Imaging these records has freed up a ton of space, preserved our historic records, and provided better access to the legacy case files.”

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The Company

The County Clerk’s office in Gibson County, Indiana is responsible for issuing receipts for payments in dependent cases, keeping records of birth certificates, sending copies of the certificates to the State Board of Health, filing and recording notary bonds and applications for patients, and executing applications for passports.

With the systems they had in place, all of these duties generated an increasingly high volume of paper for the county. Their document storage needed a total overhaul to simplify management and control costs.

The Objective

The Gibson County Clerk’s office had nearly 2 million paper files that were stored on-site and in an annex space. Not only did renting the annex increase the county’s costs, but the files were at risk of fire and flood damage, as well as being lost or misplaced. Van Ausdall & Farrar knew there was a better solution that would allow the files to remain secure and accessible. They also wanted to make the files searchable, creating a more usable product for the Clerk’s office.

The Strategy

Through their Technology Strength Assessment, Van Ausdall & Farrar determined that their Document Conversion Solutions were precisely what was needed to create and maintain a new management system.

Van Ausdall & Farrar worked with the Gibson County Clerk’s office to find all currently digitized files and inventoried the paper files to create a completely digital storage solution that revolutionized their day to day processes and removed the risk of fire and flood damage. They also provided the Gibson County Clerk’s office with search and retrieval software that allowed them to do keyword searches by defendant and case number, making it much simpler and faster to locate important case information.

The Results

Now that these files are readily accessible, the Gibson County Clerk’s office can spend less time searching for files and more time assisting local residents with their questions and concerns.

  1. Since everything is stored digitally, the Clerk’s office no longer needs the annex storage space, which also reduced their storage costs.
  2. All files are now completely secure, and the Clerk’s office has streamlined their filing and record storage strategies.

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