Technology Solutions

Automated Forms Processing

Enable your organization to exchange information automatically with anyone, anywhere, and in any format.

Intelligent Capture & Exchange

Van Ausdall & Farrar is proud to provide Indiana with Kofax’s Intelligent Capture & Exchange products. These products allow you to work directly with your existing business applications and IT platforms to automate the capture and exchange of documents and information. Kofax solutions, products and technologies improve the speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency of your business processes and transactions by enabling your organization to exchange information automatically with anyone, anywhere, in any format.

Back End Software

Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture, formerly Ascent Capture, accelerates business processes by collecting documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it all into your business applications and databases.

Ascent Atrata Pro

Ascent Xtrata Pro enhances the power of Kofax Capture by adding comprehensive document classification and data extraction capabilities. It automates document processing functions previously done manually, cutting costs while speeding the flow and improving the accuracy of information throughout an organization.


INDICIUS is a suite of customizable software modules that intelligently automates the classification, sorting and separation of paper and electronic documents, and the extraction and validation of information they contain. It can extend the capabilities of Kofax Capture or function as a stand-alone application.

Kofax Communication Server

The Kofax Communication Server, formerly TOPCALL Communication Server, coordinates and performs the automated exchange of information by integrating inbound and outbound communication channels. It links virtually any device such as MFPs and phone systems, media types like email, fax, SMS, MMS, voicemail and telex, and applications such as SAP, IBM WebSphere MQ and Kofax Capture products. Organizations can exchange information in the formats most appropriate for their customers and partners, enable intelligent routing and trace information for compliance purposes.

Front End Software

Kofax Document Exchange Server

Document Exchange Server is a document-driven business process automation solution that decreases the cost, time, and effort required to handle documents. It can capture documents regardless of their original format, allow users to interact with documents through flexible client options, and route documents to virtually any system that drives an organization’s key business processes.

Kofax Document Scan Server

Kofax Document Scan Server (DSS) enables organizations to improve business performance by scanning documents at the point of entry into a workflow. DSS is an integrated software/hardware solution that provides flexible tools to scan-enable third-party applications, secure scanner connectivity options, and centralized management capabilities to reduce the cost and complexity of capture deployments.

Image Optimization

VirtualReScan (VRS)

VRS reduces the time involved in manual document preparation and enhances the quality of scanned images. Capturing high-quality images is critical to the rest of the document management process because image quality significantly impacts the success of data extraction, recognition, and retrieval.

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