Technology strength assessment – new


Technology strength assessment – new

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Do you execute periodic vulerability scans in order to test for your security position?
Do you enable multi-factor authentication, for administrator and user accounts, in order to improve security for all accessed systems including email, line-of-business and VPN?
Are your business's password and password change policies managed centrally and strong enough to protect your data?
Is your server data backed up nightly with more than one instance that is stored off-site or in the cloud?
Do you have someone patch your servers and computers at least once a month?
Do you have procedures in place to review updates for your corporate firewall(s)?
Are you confident that all computers in your company have a common anti-virus program that is centrally managed and that the computers consistently receive updated signature files?
Do you have a procedure to perform restoration tests of your backups in order to assure they are working properly?
Do you have a written Disaster Recovery Plan that includes IT systems and is revised once or twice a year?
Do you utilize device monitoring software in order to detect and remediate system issues and concerns quickly?
In the event of a power outage, do you know that you have a battery backup system that will keep your router, firewall and servers running for a minimum of 30 minutes?
Do you utilize security awareness training to make sure users are trained to avoid email and web-based hacking attempts?
Do you have software and operating systems that are in end-of-life status?
Do you utilize server virtualization in order to leverage fault tolerance and disaster recovery gains?
Do you have the ability to send encrypted email when sharing potentially sensitive information?
Do you assess your technology vendors annually to ensure they extend your security standards and policies?
Do you share written Internet Usage and Corporate Email policies with your end users?
Do you have an operable employee onboarding and offboarding policy as it relates to IT?
Do you have a multi-cloud strategy that ensures common authetication, security and policies apply across all cloud vendors?
Do you have computers that are older than five years?

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