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A video surveillance system from Van Ausdall & Farrar can help your organization with security, loss prevention, risk management and other day-to-day operations.

Video surveillance provides valuable insights into your operations that would otherwise be unattainable and should be an integral part of your company’s security plan. In addition to providing a visual record of incidents at your company, the presence of surveillance cameras can be a powerful deterrent.

Digital Network Recorders

We utilize digital and network recorders.  Our video recording networks can be hooked up with new digital cameras or an analog camera. Video files are compressed for storage size, but the quality still remains impeccable.

Fixed Or Dome Cameras

Our cameras are IP based–which means they plug right into your network system and record video directly to a hard drive while simultaneously streaming it to any number of monitoring stations. We provide cameras for fixed positions to cover smaller areas, such as entryways and hallways. Our dome cameras can monitor larger rooms and can be configured to focus on movement or can be manually controlled from a remote location.

Video Management Software

Our software will allow you to remotely monitor and control as many cameras as you need to.   We can setup individual locations to only have access to the cameras on their network–or even a subset of those cameras for a particular floor.  Video clips are archived and can be burned to a disc.

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