Print Application Solutions

Many companies need to control the parameters around print.  It’s easy for print to get out of hand, especially in an age in which there are many regulations around who should print what, where, and how.  Costs can spiral if print gets out of hand, so for many companies, it is important to put policies and procedures in place to help ensure data is protected and no one is printing more than is necessary.  Likewise, many companies are virtual in nature, so it is important that mobile print solutions are in place.

Print Application Solution Benefits:

  1. HELPS DRIVE COST DOWN – People print less if they are unable to print certain items, which helps save companies money in materials and equipment repair and maintenance.
  2. REGULATE WHAT IS PRINTED – Print application solutions give the company insight into who is printing and what they are printing, which cuts down on personal print jobs.
  3. SOLVES COMPLIANCE AND REGULATION –  There is visibility into what is being printed, and the ability to assign permissions around who can print which types of documents and when.

Services include:

  • Cloud Printing
  • Print Accounting
  • Job Submission
  • Color Management