Managed SD-WAN Services

Today, we all struggle to deliver the personalized, secure, anytime-anywhere experience customers and employees expect.  Traditional networks, such as MPLS, have difficulty keeping up with the modern requirements in cloud and mobile applications.

In the past, companies have responded with this challenge by adding more MPLS bandwidth, or combining MPLS with some other form of internet access. This traditional response has made enterprise WANs complex and costly to maintain and manage.  There is a better way. 

SD-WAN services managed by third-party service providers such as AT&T, Windstream, Earthlink and many others combines the intelligent, dynamic traffic routing of SD-WAN with consulting and professional services to help you create a customized WAN solution that utilizes the best internet access options available to each individual site.  The benefits of a managed SD-WAN solution include:

  • Application Visibility & Control – Manages and deploys routing policies with a centralized management tool.
  • Dynamic WAN selection – Preserves application performance based on pre-set parameters you apply.
  • Application Optimization – Monitors and adjusts network paths for optimum quality.
  • Dynamic IPsec deployment – End-to-end encryption for data transmission over the public internet
  • Security & stateful firewall – Implements and manages security policies with a fully integrated firewall.
  • Managed service – Offers full-time, proactive monitoring and optimization from a technical service manager
  • Multiple active links – Increases resiliency and survivability with diverse connections at each location

A managed SD-WAN solution fully supported by a VA&F-approved partner will reduce cost, bolster survivability and increase scalability, while giving you the capability to rapidly deploy new locations with very low-touch provisioning. 

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