Is It Time to Re-evaluate Your Corporation’s Technology Stack?

It’s a basic fact of life: change happens. Just as we all go through changes as people, businesses and organizations evolve.

Technology also evolves, perhaps even quicker than anticipated. A technology solution you brought in two or three years ago may not be the right answer today (or tomorrow). And even if the outdated technology is still “getting the job done,” it may not be performing in a way that delights your customers nor optimizes your competitiveness.

Technology that is built for performance keeps your organization competitive, enhances the customer experience, and mitigates risk.

Here are some situations in which companies can be negatively impacted when technology is not optimized for success.

Lack of business continuity

Time is money. Therefore, any time not producing costs money. When you are forced to recover from a natural disaster, accident, or cyber attack, there is an associated cost. Moreover, the risks to your business increase with the time it takes to recover.

Lack of notification

Many businesses allow minutes, hours, or days of down time to negatively impact their business because they aren’t even aware there is a problem. The faster you discover an issue, the sooner you can address it. It’s a double-whammy when a customer is the one that brings the problem to your attention. What if customers can’t call or contact you about the problem? That’s yet another cost.

Lack of security

Your technology stack can become out-of-date relatively quickly. Trying to hold out on expenses translates into a liability when utilizing old, unmaintained systems. This “strategy” opens up a business to risks such as cyber attacks and data breaches.

What can be done to prevent deficiencies? Here are a few of the solutions we offer at Van Ausdall & Farrar.

Cloud Solutions

A cloud environment offers more flexibility than a hardware environment. Cloud solutions address the lack of continuity problem by improving recovery time and access. Modern threats on businesses of all shapes and sizes accentuate the importance of a virtual recovery capability. Businesses must set a goal for recovery time to best understand the size of the problem and it’s potential impact.

Managed Services

Proactive IT management services help identify problems quickly and address them immediately. By properly tracking and monitoring your technology stack, you can negate a lack of notification issue and jump on the problem as soon as you know what is wrong.

Data Security

There are technology solutions and services to help keep your data secure. You should have a plan for keeping up with technologies that are built for performance, including the ability to thwart attacks and ward off data breaches.

Does your usage of technology simply get the job done or is it optimized for performance? Van Ausdall & Farrar can help you identify where you are most vulnerable. Our Technology Strength Assessment only takes 10-15 minutes and can help prioritize your information technology needs and provide recommendations. The assessment also reveals how you compare with others in your industry. Find your Technology Strength Score today.