Businesses globally have trusted their most valuable information on paper for decades. However, going paperless is quickly gaining popularity in the modern business environment. The future is now, and businesses are adapting their processes for the current times.

Currently, doing business on paper is still an option for most businesses, but at what cost? Relying on traditional documents slows down access to information as you will probably spend more time trying to retrieve a document. What does this mean? Unlike digital document formats, traditional documents are unsearchable, and there is an increased likelihood of losing your documents during a disaster. As technology develops, you should be able to adapt to it. If your company still utilizes paper for your documents, you may fall behind the times.

Van Ausdall & Farrar is a trusted document conversion service provider in Indianapolis. Our services offer businesses across Indianapolis an opportunity to grow with new technologies and streamline current processes.

What Is Document Conversion?

Document conversion can be defined as the process of converting a pile of documents in your business into different accessible and searchable digital files that are also safely stored on the servers. In other words, you’ll have replicas or backup copies of documents online that you can easily access.

This helps your business streamline its storage processes. The process of document conversion can be achieved using advanced software.

Van Ausdall & Farrar’s reputation and expertise make it a suitable partner for all of your document conversion needs. We can convert thousands of documents in-house or even millions of documents to a digital format.

Benefits Of Document Conversion Services

Working with a trusted document conversion service provider like Van Ausdall & Farrar can bring many invaluable advantages to your business. This service can highly improve your business productivity and enhance your competitive advantage.

Here are some of the advantages you will gain from document conversion:

  • Improved Document Security – Natural disasters like fire or floods are imminent, so your paper documents are never truly safe in storage. However, converting your documents to digital files will guarantee the safety of your records as they will be stored online. This minimizes the risk of damage and can end up saving you big in the long run.
  • Gaining Space – you are likely to have a high number of paper documents piled up in your cabinets. This not only takes up space in your office but time away from other projects. However, converting your documents into digital files frees up the physical space you can utilize for other needs.
  • Improve Record Keeping – sensitive records such as tax, personal or transactional pieces of information should always be kept safe and easy to access. Converting your documents to digital files, where all data is labeled correctly and filed, makes it easy to find the papers with a simple search.

Document Conversions Services From Van Ausdall & Farrar

Many companies offer document conversion services in Indianapolis at different costs. However, it would be best to consider factors such as expertise and experience before hiring a document conversion service provider.

Van Ausdall & Farrar takes the leading role as the premier document conversion provider for businesses across Indianapolis. We offer exemplary and unbeatable services that set us apart from the competition.

In addition, we have a team of highly trained experts who are always ready to assist you with your document conversion needs. Our experts are also conversant with document conversion processes, making us the right fit for your needs.

Van Ausdall & Farrar can offer document conversion for thousands of your business documents in-house or convert millions of documents into portable and secure digital copies.

Services Included:

Our document conversion services will provide you with the following features and services:

  • Document Pick-Up & Staging
  • Document Prep
  • Document Imaging
  • Document Reassembly/Reconstruction
  • Imaging QC/Image Verification
  • Indexing
  • Deliverable Creation/Quality Control

Why Choose Van Ausdall & Farrar?

Van Ausdall & Farrar works with the best and most promising companies in Indianapolis. This means we work with advanced equipment, software, and experts. This combination has helped countless companies throughout Indianapolis grow.

While switching to digital documents can be tiresome and overwhelming, we come in as a suitable and trusted document conversion provider for your business needs.

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